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An Introduction and a Poem

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  • An Introduction and a Poem

    Salam all.

    I am new to this board. I'm Syrian by origin, and I live in Canada. I write poetry, and I am currently looking for a publisher who maybe interested in my scribble. Enclosed please find one of my recent poems.

    Thus Spake Baba Ganooj

    As it fell upon an earthling
    He was kind to those in need
    He was doomed to live and wander
    He was learned, wise indeed
    He often thought and dared to ponder
    And often ate, then went to sleep

    Then came lightning, rain, and thunder
    As the clouds began to breed
    And the sky became an ocean
    Roaring growling in commotion
    Twirling twisters dark and steep

    Then from heaven now an ocean
    Spinning in a spiral motion
    Came a saucer round and deep

    There he stood and watched in wonder
    This stray child of Rain and Thunder
    While the clouds now schools of dolphins
    They kept swimming far and near

    "Who are you stray Child of Thunder?
    Are you a genie or a fiend?"

    Quoth the son of Mud and Wander
    While now running for a shield

    "Fear no harm, o, Child of Wander"
    Quoth the son of Rain and Thunder
    "Fear no evil, shed no tear

    I am an alien from faraway
    A Flying Saucer from the Silky Way
    From a planet called Sesame Seed

    Where rivers of tehini flow
    Through fields of olive, spice, and weed
    Where wisdom dwells in bottomless wells
    And every tree can write and read
    And there are plenty of thoughts to harvest
    Plenty to eat, plenty to feed"

    Then the heaven was a notion
    It was rolling in slow motion
    And the clouds now schools of thought
    They were whirling far and deep

    That quoth he, this Child of Thunder
    While the orchards standing still
    While the ants leaned on the hill
    While the ocean was now frozen
    And the trees went on their knees

    "Fear no evil, Child of Wander
    Step inside from Mother Thunder
    Take your shoes off and be seated
    Don't be proud and self-conceited
    I'll be waiting here for thee"

    Thus spake he, this Child of Mist
    That lacks no manner, wit, or gist
    To the scirbe who dared to wander
    To the learned, yet had hunger
    And to he that dared to ponder
    How can he now go to sleep?

    "Who art thou, o, Child of Thunder?
    I am he that doth now wander
    And thine answer gladly seek
    Who has taught thee how to speak?"

    "I was schooled in the Tower of Babbling
    In that planet Sesame Seed

    Where no one fails but all succeed
    Where all the scribes, they are elite

    Where tongues, they grow in every field
    Plenty to eat, plenty to feed

    And he, my mentor, is a gardner,
    Who ploughs in times of rain, and sleet
    Then climbs and sits high on his seat
    Watching as his pupils reap

    When he spake his learned voice
    All the doors were eyes wide open
    And the walls, they all were ears"

    Then quoth he, this Child of Wander
    With no pride or self-deceit

    "Thou art learned, wise indeed."

    Knock, knock, knocked
    This Child of Wander
    On the door of this contraption
    With no clue, or pre-conception
    After taking off his shoes

    "Take me there, o, Child of Thunder
    Dip me in those wells of wisdom
    Of that Planet Sesame Seed."

    For he who lives to roam and wander
    And often thinks and dares to ponder
    And often learns yet has hunger
    Has got nothing else to lose.

    One big door was now wide open
    As he walked, he found another
    As he turned now dark had fallen
    He could hear nor see the weather

    "Here come sit, you, child of dust
    Don't mind the mess and all the rust
    I will take thee to the New Word Order
    with no flag, no guard, no border
    None to follow, none to lead
    And there you'll find poetic justice
    There, your rights are guaranteed
    Now off we go to Sesame Seed"

    As they flew, all birds were trying
    But their feathers weren't flying
    "Woe betide thee Child of Wander"
    He left shoes that were now crying.


    Mustafa Merza

    I dedicate this poem to all the children in this world who live in refugee camps.

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    Welcome to

    Very nice poem!


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      Thank you for bothe the compliment and the welcome.


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