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Attack of the Remakes, Part IV

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    Dear Your Man,

    Good fellow, I thought you had made your exit...Did you notice that the duplicitous fiend had the temerity to use MY name as well? And a poor copy at that. Bloody amatuers.

    You know what I find disturbing? The Hollywood system has a tendency to protray Arabs in a very stereotypical manner....Usually the bad guy...Even in animated features this is done. It is a very dishonorable thing ( no matter who the target may be. )If I were of Arab descent, I would be moved to action over it...But I have a bit of a streak in me, don't I? I want to stay away from conflict and I know better, but I find myself in the middle of it a lot. I am trying so hard to GROW UP!!!!!!!

    Sooooooo, did you enjoy Ringu????

    Gladiator was nothing more than a vehicle for Russell Crowe, but it was good to look at. I loved the battle scene in the beginning ( reminiscent of the one in Lord o t Rings ) and of course, I will watch the enactment of Itsy Bitsy Spider if it is done by Richard Harris. He has always been a favorite of mine...I do not like Russell Crowe's personality on display, but I think he is a rather
    fine actor, and I will give him that. I like Ridley Scott too, and I think he is very under-rated as a director,
    so I was glad to see him come forth with something that would get him back in the light.

    I see your point about certain erroneous aspects of the film, but ceratinly it fares better than films like
    " The Mummy " remakes...Delta Force, Kazaam, Back to the Future, The English Patient, G.I.Jane, Into the Night,
    Harem, Ishtar, Little Drummer Girl, Not Without my Daughter, Half Moon Street, King Solomon's Mines, Hot Shots!, The Siege, Rules of Engagement...Etc, etc, etc...I often imagine what foreigners think of our Hollywood idiocy, and it makes me want to crawl under a rock and die..

    But I digress,...I may not know a lot about other Peoples and other Cultures, but at least I admit to it, rather than making assumptions and acting upon them...I suppose when you are rich enough to live in Hollywood, you can do whatever you want with your mouth, so long as it spews forth money into mainstream America. How revolting...

    Glad to see you are still hanging around here, and thanks for your post. I am glad to hear from you!

    Take care,



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      On Safer Ground?

      Hello Addison,

      Glad to see you didn't land in the clinker. I guess you aren't a literature prof as I'd assumed -- I can't imagine fisticuffs breaking out in the lit dept and profs hauling each other off to jail, tho its a funny image. I know Shakespeare wrote of deep passions, but Shakespeare profs tend to be more dull than dueling.

      You've hinted at baroque intrigue a la "In The Name of The Rose". Please don't end up in the fish-pond like the monk found floating belly up. Memorable image, that! Did you see the movie? Are you involved in anything remotely related to the ancient library of Alexandria, Egypt? Or the recent burning of the local branch in Alexandria, VA over the books of Henry Potter ? (I joke)

      How on earth did you get mixed up in such chicanery, whatever it may be?

      Go ahead, you can tell. Change names and they can't sue you -- The NC police will never think of looking for you in virtual DZ. ha ha

      I must say, your job sounds A LOT more exciting that mine, tho I suppose that's the kind of adreneline you can do without, no?



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        Greetings Xerxes!

        How have you been??

        How I wish that I had taken a position as educator of Literature...It is interesting that you mentnion that, as my guest yesterday said the very same thing: Why do you not teach or do something that you can really enjoy....

        I have not seen " In the Name of the Rose, " but I do remember the film in its release. Sean Connery and F. Murray Abraham?? A medieval mystery? Was it good?

        I do not know why I often end up on the losing side of the conflict. It says a lot for the state of the world in which we live when the one who stands up for what is right is punished while the others who rely on the brave ones to
        speak are rewarded for "not causing trouble." Since when is exposing injustices and such considered "disrruptive? " In my office, when one opposes a superior in any matter it is "insubordination. " Well, I will not expound further, as clearly this site is filled with those who are too immature to understand the compelxities and the duplicity of Big Buisness...

        The only excitement I have ever experienced in my work is in the energy expended in trying to keep a civil tongue in my head on a daily basis. As for any kind of pleasant excitement, the odds of it being experienced in this place of employment is next to nill. I am still in the battle, and it is far from being over...The most that I can hope for is that God will help me through another day and I pray for a reprieve from the constant ugliness...

        I am the type of peson who finds it very hard to make a clean break from things...I tend to take my work home with me ( if you will, ) and the arguments and accusations and troubles are all in my head...I am trying to learn to get a better control of that, though after so many years of doing it, it is a hard habit to break. Nevertheless, it is a goal of mine..I must pray for this too...

        At any rate, I appreciate your support!!!

        Now, on a lighter note,....I read Friday that there was a movie coming out ( Japan or China, I cannot remember which ) about a person who loses his sight in some manner, and then begins to see dead people....Sounds like another winner, if you ask me...I hope it does not take too
        long to come to the US. Seen anything new lately? I FINALLY got around to seeing " Pirates..." and that was surprisingly good...AND it was great to escape for awhile...

        Hope you are doing well,

        take care,

        With kind regards,


        " Time's glory is to calm contending kings,
        To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light. "
        The Rape of Lucrece, I, 939.


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          just a quickie...

          Hey Addison,

          I have recently got back from a relaxing holiday in Morocco where i was in search of the perfect tan..I am pleased to say i did find it!..anyhoo,i'm not writing to gloat just to say 'hello' and i am sorry for your recent woes,I sincerely hope that things are sorting themselves out for you..Are you an Aquarian by any chance, some of your personal characteristics seem all too familiar haa haa!
          ok i'm out of here now, keep up the lovely posts ( i feel like i'm back at Uni studying literature once more, ooh i wish!)and continue to stay true to yourself
          'He who heard the truth in the morning might die content in the evening.'(Confucious)..


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            Dear Kendra,

            Glad to hear that you had such an enjoyable time on your vacation!!! In my wildest dreams I cannot imagine what it would be like to vacation in Morocco. Perhaps you could be persuaded to elaborate on your visit....I would enjoy just hearing about it, and I could live vicariously through you for a time...!

            Yes, I am still very much in a bitter battle, but I can only hope that in the end, Truth will prevail. I want so much to get revenge for what has happened but I try to believe that God will take care of things. I pray for patience and I pray for Him to put the right words in my mouth when I must speak and that is all I can do.

            Actually, I am Aries. I do not put too much emphasis on that sort of thing, but I have, throughout my life, noticed certain...coincidences, or, shall we say, correlations between the traits of my personality and the supposéd traits of the "typical" Aries, and his ruler Mars, the god of War. I will not say any more than that...I would be afraid to!

            I am glad that you had a safe trip, a great time, and I am also glad that you are back! Thank you for your kind words...I appreciate the thought.

            Take care,

            Best regards,


            " All human wisdom is summed up in two words: wait and hope. " Alexander Dumas, from "The Count of Monte Cristo"


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              Hellooo Addison,

              How goes it? I saw a good movie - L'Auberge Espagnole about a group of twenty-somethings from all over Europe doing the group house thing in Spain. The lead character was French, the movie was in French with subtitles. It was well done, I recommend it.

              Other than that, haven't seen much in the way of movies lately. Thanks god the power outage didn't occur here what with the humidity and all. I pity those folks up north, I really do. Surprised there weren't more fatalities when you hear that 3,000 died in France due to heat wave and lack of air-conditioning.

              Hope things have smoothed out for you. I'm the same way with problems at work -- I go home and let them eat away at me and then lose sleep and so sabotage myself . I've always been that way, I think it stems from an inherent sense of powerlessness from childhood -- maybe being a girl and having a dominant older brother who always got away with remorseless teasing etc. Decided the world was unfair. Well, if thats as bad as I had it , can't complain. You hear about girls being subjected to incest from brothers, cousins, uncles, fathers. It makes me sick.

              Sorry to vent... just got kicked in the stomach by an a$$hole



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                Dear Xerxes,

                How are things with you??

                Ah, I love foreign films....But I hesitate when you mention that the film revolves around a bunch of "twenty - somethings..." I find that the older I get the less I
                am interested in watching movies that have predominantly adolescent characters in it. Still, I will keep an eye out for it. I also choose movies based on the story, or the
                location...So,...we will see...There was a film on the tele the other night that I have not seen in years..When it came out, I saw it in the theatre. It is " The China Syndrome. " Granted, it had an unmistakeable dated feeling to it, but it is still a very powerful movie after all these years...Kind of like " Silkwood. " I have not seen any new movies since " Pirates,..." I am waiting for the " Two Towers..." dvd to come out to see that again, though it
                is not as satisfying to see it on the small screen. Oh heavens, the other night " Ghost Actress " came on and that was very scary too. Have you seen this yet? I finally had a chance to tape it this time. This is the movie that was made before " Ringu. " Yikes! it was sleep with the lights on all over again! Is that fun or what??? Ha! Nothing like a good scare.

                Yes, the outtage was ugly indeed. I am shocked still that those who were affected were able to take it so well... Strange...Now here is what I do not yet understand. Why on earth would anyone design the power grids in such a manner as to serive the whole country with as few hubs as possible?? Think about it. 5 or 6 for the whole country. This seems like a very bad plan to me, but I do not work for the Corps of Engineers, so I had no input on this issue at all. Plus, I was not yet born when they were
                put into effect...They COULD have waited...

                I expect that had I been in such a situation, I would not have delt with it nearly as well. Here we get a lot of tornado and hurricane action and at times, we lose water and/or power for many days at a time. Last year we only lost it for three days, but I thought I would go nuts in the heat. Funny thing, but when it happens in the winter ( we have fierce ice storms every year - NO SNOW - just ice...Help me...Somebody shoot me.. ) I am fine with it. This January we were out for 6 days ( and we were not the hardest hit! ) and it was not what I would consider terribly inconvenient. It is the hot-month power-outtages that make me insane. I am glad that I was not there. I tell you who I feel sorry for: Those poor eastern Europeans who are now in Iraq trying to get used to the 80-
                126 degree temps there...THAT HAS to be a miserable experience...

                Things are strangely quiet at work. The Arbitration was Monday, and it was not completely successful, but it was positive. Nevertheless, things there will never be as they were. And I shall continue to look over my shoulder and survey the scenes around me with a keen eye and silent
                tongue. I bought a groovy recorder that is very tiny, and whenever anyone in "Management " approaches me I record everything. I feel that this may come in useful one day...I have already gotten so much on there...Brilliant stuff. Don't want to use it now, but if I need it it is there. And I want to get much more...

                Wow, you have Jesus Christ for a brother too??? Are we twin sons from different mothers? ( OK, you will not recognize that allusion, but there was an album in the 70s of that title - " Twin Sons of Different Mothers " and the musicians looked very much alike and sounded alike as well...) It is the same with me and my brother. I can do nothing right and he can do nothing wrong. I thought it was just me...Now I feel a bit better. Though none better for you. I empathize with you Xerxes. And sadly, I am one of those lucky folk who had the dubious distinction of being a victim of indescretions by members of my own family...God saved me at least my honor..Savvy? Thus the vow of celibacy at 18...( And the boxing lessons...) Want a REAL challenge? Try to get people to believe you...
                Pardon my coarseness, but " You gotta love that S***. "...But now I am venting...It was a lifetime
                ago. You would think I would be over it by now...The sense of Injustice sits ill within me still...But I am trying to forgive...small steps at a time. One person at a time. I supppose I should have tried to do it much earlier, but I just couldn't. I wasn't ready, get me?

                "Just got kicked in the stomach by an A******???" What is this? What does it mean? Are you being literal or figurative? Well, ...well???? I am bothered by that remark! It is a joke I hope. Otherwise, grab that person by his pompador, jerk his head back, and cuff him one across his Adam's apple. Then tell him, " Bite me. "

                Have a great weekend, and vent any time. It helps sometimes...Really.

                Best regards,

                An equally peeved Addison

                " O God of battles! steel my soldiers' hearts;
                Possess them not with fear: take from them now
                The sense of reckoning, if the opposéd numbers
                Pluck their hearts from them. " Henry V, IV, i.


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                  Hi Addison,

                  Don't worry, you are welcome here even if you don't know what khra or hogra or DZ is! Can you imagine what it would be like to date that guy! Heaven help the poor girl.

                  This is a free PUBLIC bulletin board full of ex-pats (Algerian and otherwise) from around the world. Not a private club. If you are an ex-pat, you belong, and I use the word loosely. Obviously you are an ex-pat stuck in North Carolina, a fish out of the Chesapeake Bay, so you qualify!

                  Me too, adrift in the world. Don't worry, I wasn't literally kicked in the stomach, just a little like you just were. Men!

                  I am sorry to learn of your childhood experience. Thoughts of vengence must torment you. Sometimes I wonder if I have repressed such things, but then I don't really buy into that "repressed memory" stuff. I'm pretty cyncial and think I must bring some of this upon myself. Puritanical streak! Its that or the Hindu thing -- blame it on my past life. I like that silly escape route.

                  yes, you nailed it ... the saintly bro.. Jesus Christoph...cherubic smile...and me the black sheep, the bad seed that never grew but wilted prematurely under the HOT OZONE DEPLETED SKY !

                  Do you get cable? I've recently taken Ted Turner as my personal savior. There's nothing like escaping from the crass technicolor of current events into the cool black and white muted tones of yesteryear. Beats Prosac any day.

                  Your fellow interloper,
                  Xerxes Beserksies


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                    Dear Xerxes,

                    Aren't you sweet! You know, I came here to talk to people from places I will never be able to be, apart from in my mind? What harm or hurt is there in that? I did not
                    come to bring my political agenda...I should have thought it would be obvious that I know little about the country, as I have stated such a thing many times...

                    But I digress.

                    Actually, I cannot imagine what it is like to date ANY guy! ( wink, wink! )

                    Ex-pat. I like the sound of that. I might use that again in the future, with your permission. And "stuck" in NC is quite accurate. The Twin Toilets of NC and SC get very thick and stagnant in the summer. Much like a stopped up toilet...

                    I am happy to hear that you were not being literal about that "kick in the stomach" thing..! It is really interesting. I think people can almost sense danger in a person, as well as vulnerability. When I was a youth, and was fending off monsters, I was very bad at it, and quite unsuccessful most of the time. Evasion was my primary technique..The ol' "run and hide" technique that I used well into my teenage and early adulthood, in various forms,
                    if you cath my drift. Years later I began exploring ways to make good use of the pent up anger and energy and learned to be a pretty decent opponent. Ironically, that was after I had underatken a novitiate's life, and since then I have had little use for the talent...Does not keep me from practicing though...! I guess you never can tell...

                    I do not believe in this past regression stuff either. A lot of "admissions" come from suggestion by the hypnotists, I believe...Also, I think a lot of people have lied about their pasts...I mean, you can observe a person's adult behavior and determine whether or not
                    they have had some traumas in their past. Statiscally speaking, it is a very small number of people that are able to experience things like this in their youth and escape to better lives unscathed by effects of the events. Most people suffer strange effects their entire lives. Could affect their relationships ( ALL relationships, not just romantic ones..) the way they treat themselves ( self-
                    abusers, anorectis, alcoholics, etc ) their job decisions ( avoid conflict, avoid members of the opposite sex, feelings of inferiority, that one cannot excell, etc .) academic decisions ( Overachieving, underachieving,
                    etc. ) and the list goes on. I was at least spared the trauma of rape, and for that I am grateful. Many females were not so fortunate.

                    As I alluded to earlier, I am really trying to begin to forgive people who have hurt me in the past, as hating them and blaming them and wanting vengeance are all things that have been hurting me in the long run. I am getting better, but I have a long way to go. I have a lot of personal problems that I am still trying to work on, and bad habits that I am trying to break, and it is very hard work. But I have to try. I have to move on, and I have to also stop punishing myself for things that I did not have control over. When I was younger, because of my rather Obscenely Calvinistic upbringing, I made a rather easy target.

                    I am no longer.

                    Black sheep ...Yes. There is a story in the Bible about the Prodigal Son, which I am certain that most anyone might have a rudimentary knowledge of. That is the story of me and my brother. ( I am certain that this story applies to MANY people !!! ) Savvy? Believe it or not, I have only recently begun to try to get over the anger and hatred I have felt all my life for him. Talk about difficult...But this you know about...

                    Turner Classic Movies is one of my favorite cable hannels. Also I enjoy IFC and Sndance, as they have a good number of foreign films...A and E has some pretty good movies out too. In fact, tonight, one of my favorite modern-day actors, Ciaran Hinds, is going to be in their adaptation
                    of Hardy's " The Mayor of Casterbridge" and it looks promising...I can't wait to tape it!

                    Yes, black and whites are my favorites. No question. I have noticed though that AMC "sold out" and now they show modern movies and interrupt them with commercials. I am certain that TMC will do the same thing soon enough. Then I do not know WHAT I will do. On the other hand, Ted Turner has a lot of money, so, I hope that he will live a very long time...

                    I am just curious, and do not feel compelled to spill your guts on this one, bu what actors do you favor from this genre? I am a huge Ronald Colman fan..Douglas Fairbanks, Jr,..Alan Ladd, James Mason, Cary Grant...Of course Jimmy Stewart,...William Bendix, Oh the list goes on...You?

                    Yes, there is nothing like escaping into the films of yesteryear...Back when film was great...Back then, you would be hardpressed to find a movie that was NOT a joy to watch in some way or another. Now it is difficult to find one that IS...

                    Have a great week,

                    Best regards,

                    Addison, the cautious...

                    " What seest thou else
                    In the dark backward and abysm of time? "
                    The Tempest, I, ii.


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