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    Assalamu alaikum

    here's one of my poems

    it has a religious nature


    The Lotus

    In the castle of light
    are hidden the secrets of the lotus
    where angels soar
    winged on the spirit of truth
    seeking to share their knowledge of the
    amid humble souls of heart
    they touch light and true
    winged in joy
    where near they come
    to touch the hearts of gold
    angel winged glistening in the darkness
    radiant with thy healing light
    warriors of light
    they work in fight
    taking their orders from on high
    Gabriel stands at the gate
    awaiting the coming cry of tortured
    souls of gold
    amid the rumble and the pain
    the castle of light awaits the learned ones
    to wear their robes of white
    in the night
    and as the host is seated
    cheers from all ring high
    in celebration of the feast to come
    where male and female embrace
    the one
    where woman is man
    man is woman
    the balance is secure
    embraced by the Holy Grail
    the veil is lifted
    and the gifted ones they rest
    for they have earned the eternal peace

    of the lotus flower in bloom.

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    this hybrid Thing

    Nice poem Gibreel. Thanks!

    Here's a poem about ancestors... by Rilke...kind of spooky but beautiful..

    Sonnet XIV:

    We are involved with flower, leaf, and fruit.
    They speak not just the language of one year.
    From darkness a bright phenomenon appears
    and still reflects, perhaps, the jealous glint

    of the dead, who fill the earth. How can we know
    what part they play within the ancient cycle?
    Long since it has been their job to make the soil
    vigourous with the force of their free marrow.

    But they have done it willingly? we ask...
    Does this fruit, formed by heavy slaves, push up
    like a clenched fist, to threaten us, their masters?

    Or in fact are they the masters, as they sleep
    beside the roots and grant us, from their riches,
    this hybrid Thing of speechless strength and kisses?


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      Thank you for the reply and welcome.


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        Dear Gibreel,

        do you mean to say that this is a poem of your creation, or "your" poem, as in one you have chosen to post for us?

        If it is your own, then you are quite good! Interesting that when I read it I was remined of Chretien's Parceval. Do you like De Troyes?


        as always, nice Rilke!!!!! I still like the darkness in these works...I know, we are decidedly different in our interpretations of the works, but it hardly matters in the end, no?

        Best regards,



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          Yes it's my poem.Thank you for the compliment.

          I prefer the version by Wolfram von Eschenbach,who thought Chretien had gotten it all wrong and cited his own source as the poet Kyot who in turn got the story from a Moorish alchemist in Spain.


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            another one of my inspirational poems.I want to get publishing but for now it goes here,salam alaik

            The fire eats on naked souls
            burning white to black
            til god may save that soul
            lost in the attak
            Do not fight the mighty
            for surely you will loose
            to Gabriel the angel who only
            pittied a chosen few


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              I wasn't sure what title to give this one.My poems are becoming more inspirational lately.I hope you enjoy the sense of spirituality and rebirth this poem has to offer.Once again thanks for reading and for keeping this nice forum.

              Blood of Gabriel
              Reborn, reformed, with the ancient blood of the angel Gabriel.
              Given new life for unpaid debts of freedom.
              Allowed to roam amongst the mortal world.
              An outcast of heaven.

              Pain, sharp and shooting, striken in the chest again.
              Losing breath, sighing, gasping and falling down.
              Reaching up, fingers clutching at the ceiling.
              A fractured rib, cracked skull, injured once more.

              Why do these mortals feel such things.
              Shouldn't mercy be bestowed upon them.
              Losing sight, losing grip, lost control.
              Emotional feelings spiralling out of focus.

              Meddling in the affairs of each other.
              Leaving razen earth in their wake.
              Their engines of war give thunder.
              Crowds of soldiers die and wither.

              Sat amidst the devils whisper.
              Turmoil, confusion and disarray.
              All of them consuming me.
              Taking immortality away.

              Replacing, filling me with immorality.
              Disheartedly, lethargically, idiotically.
              Building, making the newer me.
              Vast mortality, with a yearning to get free.


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                I just wrote this poem,it's kind of more inspirationasl to me than the last few and maybe my personal favorite.It has more rhyming in the scheme of it.I hope you enjoy.

                Like An Angel

                Like the angel Gabriel, so mighty and fair
                His beauty shines out to us like ageless ware
                To announce his message both small and great
                And protect those he cares for before it’s to late

                To encourage the knight who is drawn by his light
                And protect all the fortunate ones in his sight
                Trust and obedience though part of the plan
                To do what is necessary whenever he can

                To utilize all that he needs to succeed
                He draws faithful men who will stand by his creed
                To do no harm to those who are just
                But strive for the victory that is a must

                To ponder, prepare, protect and proceed
                With the battle plans ready to complete every deed
                For honor and justice is Gabriel’s cry
                The hope for mankind that the knight will not die

                He watches and waits to be part of that fight
                Plans every step in the search for what’s right
                Though evil strives to control and cause pain
                No matter the obstacle evil will not reign


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