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20 facts about the Terminator

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  • 20 facts about the Terminator


    Can you believe it's been nearly 20 years since the Terminator uttered those immortal words "I'll be back".

    And with the third film in the franchise having just opened in the UK, Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly wasn't lying.

    The Terminator movies have enjoyed huge commercial success around the globe, with all three films topping the American box office.

    With incredible visual effects and heart-stopping action scenes, the trilogy has attracted a cult following.

    So in honour of the latest explosive instalment, here's 20 facts about the time travelling killing machine.

    1. Before becoming king of the world with Titanic the man who wrote and directed the first two Terminator films – Oscar winner James Cameron - worked as a truck driver.

    2. Cameron dreamt up the idea of The Terminator while lying in bed sick with a fever.

    3. Arnie only has 16 lines of dialogue in Terminator 1.

    4. James Cameron was not involved with Terminator 3, with directorial duties handed over to Jonathan Mostow – the man behind submarine drama U-571.

    5. It was James who convinced Arnie to reprise his most famous role, as the director told us in an exclusive Sun Online webchat.

    6. Arnie is reported to have picked up a pay packet of £18million for Terminator 3 alone.

    7. Lance Henriksen was originally cast as the Terminator, with Arnie playing the hero sent back through time to battle him. But realising Schwarzenegger was in the wrong job, Cameron persuaded Lance to step aside and he took on the smaller role of Detective Vukovich instead.

    8. Another man in the frame for the role of the Terminator was OJ Simpson. He missed out because the movie's producers feared that he wouldn't be taken seriously enough.

    9. Arnold Schwarzenegger started on the road to fame when he was named the Best Built Man In Europe in 1966.

    10. Arnie's bodybuilding efforts earned him nicknames including The Austrian Oak and the Olympian.

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