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  • Lewis Caroll's puzzles

    These sorites were originally invented by Lewis Carroll... at any rate, they're some of my favourite puzzles in my favourite puzzle book

    What ultimate conclusion can you draw from each of these sets of premises?


    (a) All the human race, except my footmen, have a certain amount of common sense;
    (b) No one, who lives on barley-sugar, can be anything but a mere baby;
    (c) None but a hop-scotch player knows what real happiness is;
    (d) No mere baby has a grain of common sense;
    (e) No engine-driver ever plays hop-scotch;
    (f) No footman of mine is ignorant of what true happiness is.


    (a) All the dated letters in this room are written on blue paper;
    (b) None of them are in black ink, except those that are written in the third person;
    (c) I have not filed any of them that I can read;
    (d) None of them, that are written on one sheet, are undated;
    (e) All of them, that are not crossed, are in black ink;
    (f) All of them, written by Brown, begin with "Dear Sir";
    (g) All of them, written on blue paper, are filed;
    (h) None of them, written on more than one sheet, are crossed;
    (i) None of them, that begin with "Dear Sir" are written in the third person.


    (a) The only animals in this house are cats;
    (b) Every animal is suitable for a pet, that loves to gaze at the moon;
    (c) When I detest an animal, I avoid it;
    (d) No animals are carnivorous, unless they prowl at night;
    (e) No cat fails to kill mice;
    (f) No animals ever take to me, except what are in this house;
    (g) Kangaroos are not suitable for pets;
    (h) None but carnivora kill mice;
    (i) I detest animals that do not take to me;
    (j) Animals, that prowl at night, always love to gaze at the moon.

    Have fun!

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