Hello I am new and I am glad to join this group
It is with a great joy – this pleasure of soul and
mind- that I write to you this letter hoping that you can help me in my project. I am a student in post graduation at the institute of Arabic literature university of Constantine option: journey literature and I
am thinking of preparing a thesis on :"Algeria in the
eyes of occidental travelers" specially American and English
and Canadian ones.
I will be grateful if you can help me by some booksrelated to my subject.
Waiting you answer please accept all my best wishes
Sincerely yours
Ahcene Douas

Here is my biography:
Ahcene Douas in lines
Born in Toumiat in 1966, the poet had his first
studies in Elkentour and in Ramdane Djamel and the secondary one inEl Harrouch.
After being graduated from the Foreign Languages
Institute at the university of Constantine, he worked as a teacher of English for three years and as he was always attracted by cultural spaces , hejoined the Literature and Arts Service in Skikda's Department of Culture .
He has published till now:
- Travel on Angelic Wings (Poems 1998).
- Warblings of Joy (Poems for children 2000).
- Waves and fragments (Poems 2002).
In addition to this the poet has other manuscripts in
poetry and translation:
- Torments Of The Green Melody (Translated poems of
Youcef Oughlici).
- The Everlasting Dream (Operetta for children)
- Anthology of the Algerian Contemporary Poetry
(Algerian poems
translated into English)
- Thirsty Dreams (Poems in English).
- Poems Living With Me (Poems from the English,American and
African poetry, translated into Arabic).
Now he is the head of the cultural center of Ramdane
Djamel,president of the National Bureau of Translation in the National Cultural League of Creation and member of the Nationalcouncil of the Algerian Writers Union.