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Mel Gibson's Passion

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  • Mel Gibson's Passion

    Has anyone seen this film yet? I watched it a few days ago. Well, not sure what to make of it really - the violence was graphic, hmmm...but I think if you had taken the torture away from the film, then there wouldn't be much to the essence of the film. Not too sure what the Jews are complaining about - because all of this stuff is in the Bible anyway. But, I don't think that it made them look as bad as it could have done.

    Any other thoughts and views of the film?

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    I haven't seen this movie yet. I'm trying to convince one of my friends to go with me, but they refuse too, and I hate going to the movies alone. Anyway, one of my friends that did see it, said that if you look beyond the violence, then you would be able to depict the true human character and struggle for the desire of CONSTANT POWER. Hence Christs torture by the Romans and the Jewish priest or priests (I'm not sure). Like I said, I haven't seen it, but I will do my best to see it so that I can comment more on it.


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