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  • ~ YASMIN ~

    C4 kicks off year with contrasting views of Muslim community

    Channel 4 is looking to challenge conventional ways of looking at Islam with the broadcast of a factual documentary and film later this week. Both provide contrasting views to the challenges faced by Muslims in modern Britain.

    The film, is set in a Northern mill town, against a backdrop of poverty, high unemployment and racism, the film deals with universal themes such as guilt, transgression and the search for identity.

    Having rebelled against her Pakistani culture as a teenager, Yasmin agrees to marry a cousin 'from home' to please her widowed father. The omens are not good when the goat herder from a Pakistani village meets the sparky, Westernised Yasmin.

    But her confidence begins to evaporate after 9/11, when Yasmin becomes increasingly ostracised at work. After a total crisis of identity, the internment of Yasmin's husband triggers a new determination and a sense of purpose. Yasmin fights vigorously for his release from a holding centre - and through her campaign is forced to re-evaluate her faith, her culture, and her relationships.

    The drama examines what it means to be Asian, Muslim and British in the 21st century, told from the viewpoint of a strong and Westernised woman working in Britain while living in her own traditional culture.

    Yasmin on Thursday 13th January ~Channel 4.

    { Asians in Media}

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    yeh i seen that on advert...yo its the gurl from bend it lyk beckam shes nuff pretty


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      Salam Habibatti,

      Yes, the actress did star in Bend it like Beckham.

      ooOoop I forgot to mention that it starts at 1000pm


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        u kno wat i found dumb? ysmin allw earin scarf n swearin on tha street talk about stupid....


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          Back on again, for those who missed it.

          Time: 22:50 to 00:35 (1 hour and 45 minutes long).
          When: Thursday 11th August on Channel 4


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