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    Salaam everyone,

    By "World Cinema" I'm referring to all the non-Anglophone movies from around the world which I find great for the purpose of both entertainment as well as learning a new language.

    Here's one I watched a few months ago:

    Shoalin Soccer

    Language: Mandarin/Cantonese

    Anyone watched it? It's hilarious!!

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    Pensate che questo sara un altro mistero (?!)

    As you know, I like world cinema but I only watch Spanish movies generally, French movies as well from time to time although I do find them boring! Anything else is too much work...I don't like reading subtitles!

    Shoalin Soccer? Where did you watch it? Or was it on DVD? I'd like to see it if you say it's hilarious.

    I take it you had to read the subtitles then?


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      LOL Penso di si cara rivale

      As you know, I don't like reading subtitles either (hence learning the language )

      And yes, French movies can be boring although I quite like Taxi 1, 2 and 3. Did you watch them? I found them quite funny

      So which is the best Spanish movie you watched khti Amina? The other day, I started watching the new film about the life of Che Guevara, which I found very good even though I fell asleep half way Have to watch it again

      Shaolin Soccer was in Cinemas ages ago! Now it's on DVD

      Don't worry, I watched the dubbed version otherwise I wouldn't understand a word! ...yet lol


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        Si un altro mistero!

        Well of course I agree! I don’t like reading the subtitles but I wouldn’t say that’s the reason I’m into learning foreign languages.

        Yes I really liked the "Taxi" films.

        Last weekend I watched 2 french movies:

        “Le Bonheur est dans le Pré” with Michel Serrault and Eddy Mitchel. It was all right, a bit of a typical French movie actually! Although I quite liked films by Etienne Chatiliez in the past like “La Vie est un Long Fleuve Tranquille” and “Tatie Danielle”.

        And “Hasards ou Coincidences” by Claude Lelouch, with Alessandra Martines, Pierre Arditi, and Marc Hollogne, which I quite enjoyed! It’s a great movie, I don’t know if anyone has seen it. It portrays happiness and sadness in an amazing way!

        What I enjoyed most about it was something that was referred to as “sottotitoli” (?) (meaning subtitles), which was used in reference to the distance between what we think and what we say (or don’t say). A passionate game that we all play in life. It was funny because for a while, you get to read subtitles about what they are actually thinking and get to contrast it with what they say!

        My favourite quotes from that movie are:

        La réalité m’indique constamment le chemin et apres moi je la mene...

        Y a pas de vent favorable pour celui qui sait pas ou il va!

        Plus le malheur est grand, plus il est grand de vivre...

        C’est peut-etre au moment ou nous n’avons plus peur de la mort que nous l’interessons le moins...

        Si je pouvais épargner du bonheur pour les jours difficiles...

        “La Mentale” is another good film that I found transmits a message about the reality of the Maghreb community living in France!

        "L'Appartement" is another film I liked.

        For Spanish movies, well those with Penelope Cruz are generally good.

        "Al otro lado de la cama", I liked.

        "Butterfly" or "Mariposa" is one of the best Spanish movies I've seen. It looks at life just before the start of the Spanish Civil War and portrays the sharp political divides that the rise of facist dictatorship and war itself brought to the Spanish people. Yet this is done through the touching story of a young boy and his school teacher, the trials of growing up and the relationships in a small town. It would make you both smile and cry.

        “Amores Perros” is another good movie!

        I haven't seen "Shaolin Soccer" yet!

        P.S. Just like French movies are typically boring, Spanish movies have something specific to them too


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