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The consequences of Love

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  • The consequences of Love

    I watched this the other day- anyone else?

    It's an italian film - it was a strange film indeed - the critics call it the best italian film in ages - i'm not too sure about this comment.

    There isn't much dialogue - although it was interesting in its own way.

    Its about this guy who has been working for the mafia for the past 25 years or was it 24years? Ah well, a long time - the main character - (who looks much much older than 50), is a very reserved and emotionless man - he doesn't like to socialise or engage in any in-depth conversation with anyone. he is very meticulous and pays all his bills on time.

    He lives in hotels, because his wife has chucked him out of their home - his kids don't talk to him.

    every month he has to pay into the bank - a large sum of money - which the mafia sends him in a suitcase. he does this without fail.

    At the hotel he is living in, there is this waitress - she is gorgeous- anyway she greets him everyday and he never replies - so after two years, she confronts him and asks him why he never replies to her - he ignores her and walks out of the bar.

    The next day the man comes into the bar and sits at the bar and tells her 'this is possibly the most dangerous thing i have done' - she is happy because she has got a reaction out of him and now they can start some sort of relationship. This line in the film is the turning point of his life and the film - because before it, it's quite slow and tedious.

    In the mean while, he buys her a top of the range BMW - she refuses it and he gets all emotional at the rejection - his monthly instalment for the mafia is stolen by members of the gang - he has to convince his boss that he didn't steal the money - but it was stolen.

    He tells his 'girlfriend' about his life and the mafia - and she doesn't mind and she is taking him out to celebrate his birth date - in the mean time - he has to go to the mafia and explain his loss of the money - he was ordered to go immediately - but delayed because the girl was taking him out. So he sat waiting for her - she didn't turn up because she had a car crash and he thought she had turned him down.

    He goes to the mafia - and tells them that he did actually recovered the money (he did this quite brillantly), so the mafia says why you here then- he says 'i'm not giving you the money' - so, they said either tell us where the money is or we will kill you.

    I won't spoil the end of the film for those who may wanna watch it - it was a good film and i suppose the ending makes sense - it was sad to see that the girl was in a car crash just as he was waiting for her- pity really - just as this man found some happiness, and started to trust humanity again - he thinks he has been let down.

    I'd give the film 8/10.

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