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Read my book and go to paradise, says president

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  • Read my book and go to paradise, says president

    Turkmenistan's autocratic leader told his country's youth to read his book three times if they wanted to go to heaven, Turkmen television reported yesterday. Rukhnama, which gives moral and spiritual guidance, has been deemed a sacred text by the government and is required reading for pupils.

    Speaking at a concert to mark a national holiday, President Saparmurat Niyazov said: "A person that reads Rukhnama becomes smart ... and after it, he will go straight to heaven. I asked Allah that for a person who reads it three times - at home, at sunset and at dawn - to go straight to heaven."


    Elsewhere Niyazov's words are given as:

    "Anyone who reads the Rukhnama three times will find spiritual wealth, will become more intelligent, will recognize the divine being and will go straight to heaven."

    ....Niyazov has cultivated an interesting cult following among his people, after raising gold statues of himself and of his deceased parents at locations across the Central Asian country....


    It is 7aram that the leader of a small nation with a Muslim population comprising 89% of some 5 million peoples should try to elevate his own writings above the Qur'an and pervert the minds of the young people of his country with his claim to have some kind of 'divine authority'. Trying to supplant the Islam that his people have held for generations with his own beliefs and claiming that his book holds the path to paradise is disgraceful. It is often claimed that the ummah is threatened by the actions of extremists, we may add that it is being no less damaged by the actions of a misguided lunatic like this.

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    Bizarre, brutal and self-obsessed. Now time's up for Turkmenistan's dictator


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      what the hell is so special about his book???
      I ask of you one thing
      Dont. Piss. Me. Off
      Slow Def Soldier



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        Turkmenbasi wrote it. What greater specialness do you need?



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          Plus ├ža change.....

          January 1, 2007 -- All six candidates officially registered for Turkmenistan's upcoming presidential election pledged in statements published today to diligently follow the policies of the late President Saparmurat Niyazov.

          Niyazov died December 21 after leading independent Turkmenistan since 1991.

          Acting President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov has promised the February 11 vote will conform to Niyazov's concept of democracy.

          All the candidates, who include Berdymukhammedov, were chosen by the country's highest legislative body, the People's Council.

          No opposition candidates have been registered.

          The United States has called on Turkmenistan to conduct a "free, fair, and open election." The U.S. State Department said Washington wants Turkmenistan to have "the most representative government possible."

          Meanwhile, a member of the Turkmen opposition, Nurberdy Nurmammedov, remains missing. He disappeared after leaving his home in Ashgabat on December 23rd.

          Turkmenistan's presidential candidates pledge fealty to Niyazov's ideas


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