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  • Quran MP3 player

    Anyone got one? Any idea where I could get one? I seem to think I saw them being sold in Edgware Rd.

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    Do you mean a special player or just the mp3s?


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      Something like this:


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        The ones I saw in Edgware Rd were by the voice of sheikh Sudaissi and went for about £50 I think.


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          Glancing quickly about I can only find Chinese suppliers. I'll make a more thorough hunt later.


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            COuldnt you just download Quran mp3s and put them on a regular mp3 player and get the same thing ? I have the whole Quran (Sheikh Sudaissi) and its 356MB so you would only need a 512MB mp3 player. You can get one of those for as cheap as $60 here in Canada which would be about £28-£30 in UK.


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              Originally posted by Amina-DZ
              Assalamu Alaikum,

              I purchased a load of these last year from China where they are made and sold them all. There are new ones which you cant get from the UK which have loads of really good functions. The Holy Qur'an in 4 languages both written and recited with three or more recitors. Also Bukhari and Muslim and Riyaadh al-Saliheen and some other neat functions.

              If a few of you were interested then you could purchase them from China at a greatly reduced price working out at about 40 or 50 pounds each for the latest ones including shipping.

              If your interested then go to and search for Quranic player. They ideally supply to businesses and in large bulk but the way to get round this is say I represent a UK business and am interested in some sample players and they will send you as few as you want and you wont pay VAT on then as sample products are non tax deductable.


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                Detailed Selling Lead Description
                1) Complete holy Quran in authentic and beautiful Othmans text
                2) Display of holy Quran Arabic text synchronized with voice recitation
                3) Display of English / French / Spanish / Turkish / Malay / Indonesian /
                Urdu / Latin translations synchronized with voice recitation
                4) With famous recitation record by Ghamidi
                5) Quick searching and book mark for verse
                6) Complete Tasfseer of holy Quran in Arabic text with English translation
                and with auto scroll function
                7) Quick searching and book mark of chapters and sections
                8) Famous collection of Hadith about Islamic way of life with English
                9) Auto scroll facility function Arabic text
                10) Automatic five daily prayers notification
                11) Option for more than 200 countries and 2,800 cities worldwide
                12) Set Adhan sound as prayer time alarm
                13) Hijri converter function
                14) Qibla direction indicator
                15) Doaa voice with Arabic text recited by Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
                during holy month of Ramadan


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                  Detailed Selling Lead Description
                  1) Full Holy Qur'an (114 Surahs, 6236 verses) certified by Al-Azhar
                  2) LCD display in 8 languages
                  3) Easy and fast search for Surahs and Verses
                  4) Built-in speaker
                  5) Book marking of Surahs and Verses will be Saved even after power
                  on/off shutdown
                  6) Usable at night through background light
                  7) Built in AC/DC Adapter jack and battery charge function
                  8) The voice of Shaikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Shaikh Saoud Al-Shuraim
                  Imams of Mecca


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                    Detailed Selling Lead Description
                    1) Built-in Arabic pronunciation human voice
                    2) Exquisite appearance for the Muslim's taste
                    3) Delicate design: portable and min-sized
                    4) Ideal choice for Holy Al-Quran & Arabic study
                    5) Whole Holy Al-Quran built-in
                    6) EL blue backlight
                    7) Repeat one
                    8) Easily Search for surahs and verses


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                      Detailed Selling Lead Description
                      1) Complete holy Qur'an (114 surahs)
                      2) Holy Qur'an text of Arabic in uthmanic font
                      3) Text of English translation
                      4) High quality voice audio by Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais
                      5) Comfortable white back-light for night viewing
                      6) Vivid function icons
                      7) Surahs repeating option
                      8) Verse repeating option
                      9) Follow function: to follow the original recitation
                      10) Compare function: to compare your own voice with the original
                      11) Recording function (5 hours' recording)
                      12) Fast search for any surah
                      13) Fast search for any verse
                      14) Bookmark for the latest opened page of holy Qur'an (Arabic and English)
                      15) Built-in speaker of high sound quality
                      16) 3V DC input

                      1) Dimensions (L x W x H): 108 x 68 x 16mm
                      2) LCD dimensions (L x W): 55 x 37mm
                      3) Battery: AAA battery x 2
                      4) External power: DC input 3V

                      Inner packing:
                      1pc/gift box
                      Gift box dimensions: 200 x 140 x 35mm

                      Outer packing:
                      Carton dimensions: 46 x 34 x 22cm
                      G.W.: 9.3kg


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                        Detailed Selling Lead Description
                        Product Name: Color Quran Player
                        Model Number: KN-PQ001
                        Place of Origin: China

                        1) Color LCD screen
                        2) Built-in Holy Quran with the handwriting
                        3) Bookmark and repeat function
                        4) English and Arabic explanation for the Holy Quran
                        5) Pray time for different cities
                        6) Stored the rules of recitation
                        7) Special spelling pronunciation with color indication


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                          1. Full holy quran ( 114 surahs,6236 verses ), riyadh as-saliheen, tafseer
                          Al-jalalain certified by al-azhar
                          2. High quality mosque voice audio
                          3. Translation in arabic, English and malay, indonesian
                          4. Easy and quick search any verse and surah, automatic saved after
                          5. Built-in speaker, headphone jack and AC adapter jack
                          6. Large and brilliant LCD display back-light facility for night use
                          7. Two recitations in one device:
                          1) by shaikh abdul rahman al-sudais & shaikh saoud al-shuraim and
                          2) by shaikh ali abdul rahman al-hudhaify


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                            Detailed Selling Lead Description
                            Product Name: Color Digital Quran Player
                            Model Number: CDQ-05
                            Place of Origin: China

                            1) Complete Holy Quran (114 Surahs)
                            2) 99 names of Allah
                            3) Dua Hatmul Quran
                            4) Translation in English, Urdu and French
                            5) Holy Quran text in Uthmanic font
                            6) Surah verses number saved
                            7) Easy and fast jump to Surah
                            8) Voice of Shaikh Abdul Rehman Al-Sudais and Shaikh Saoud Al-Sharaim
                            9) Built in speaker
                            10) High quality voice audio
                            11) Repeat of verses from to function
                            12) Color LCD with high resolution
                            13) Azan alarm
                            14) Different clock styles
                            15) Daily supplications with audio and text
                            16) 2 way charging from AC power and PC
                            17) Long life rechargeable battery

                            1) Arabic Uthmanic text of full Quran (24 pixel font)
                            2) English translation of Quran (16 pixel font)
                            3) French translation of Quran (16 pixel font)
                            4) Urdu translation of Quran (16 pixel font)
                            5) Fast Surah / Ayat selection menu


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                              Thank you Hani, I left a couple of messages on their site, I'm not sure I'll be able to get them shipped as I'm only interested in buying 2 or 3.


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