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The Noble Qur'an

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  • The Noble Qur'an

    The Noble Qur'an (English) is translated by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, Ph.D. & Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. This application is the electronic version of their work.

    The user interface

    The user interface for the application consists of the following components as well as the inbuilt browser that displays all the contents of the chapter:

    The Toolbar:

    • Home (Goto main front page).
    • Back & Forward (Turn chapter back and forth).
    • Chapter Find (Search text on all the chapters or a particular chapter).
    • Information (Displays chapter information - dependent on which chapter is currently opened).
    • Goto (Jump to a specific chapter and verse).
    • Print (Print currently opened chapter).
    • Display (Toggle between Arabic, transliteration and just English text).
    • Help (This file).

    The Menu Option:

    • The menu contains the same options as those found on the toolbar. In addition the view option will allow you to toggle the navigation bar on/off as well as change the appearance of the application itself (themes).

    The chapter navigation list:

    • The navigation list displays chapters' names in Arabic. Click on an item to view appropriate chapters or use the back and forward buttons on the toolbar to achieve same the results. User has option to hide this view by using the view option on the main menu.

    Go to chapter/verse:

    • Enter text such as 1:3, 1,3, 1 3 to go to a particular chapter/verse accordingly.

    Change display type:

    • Change between transliteration, Arabic & English only.


    • Change the appearance of the application by selecting the themes such as sky, forest, rose etc.

    Search option

    The application has a powerfull search engine that can be used to search all the contents of the Qur'an or just search a particular chapter. This search feature is quite similar to the one found in Windows Explorer "find file option".

    The Search Dialog:

    • Enter search text and click on "find now" or simply hit the enter key.
    • Results are displayed at the bottom in order of chapters and verses the search text is found in. Note you can stop the search at any time simply by click the stop button.
    • Once the search is completed the user has the option of viewing the verse or going to the appropriate chapter where the text is found.
    • In order to do a new search, user must click the "reset" button (note all previous successful search text is stored in the "search text" combo box.).
    • Filtering on specific chapters requires clicking the "include all chapter" check option to off. This will allow the user to select any chapters from the "contained in" combo box.

    Selecting a result item and viewing the verse:

    The searched for text is highlighted in red.

    Display search report:

    Selecting a result item and then going to the chapter:

    When using this option, the appropriate chapter is loaded and then the verse that contains the searched text is highlighted.

    Download in .rar format, 1,811kb:

    The Noble Qur'an V2.0

    Link 'live' @ August 8th

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