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    Why do many people (those usually who are from the hanafee madhab and soofees) tend to say that Sh. Albani was not a hadeeth scholar and that he had no teachers and was given no ijaza- why do they say this? Moi is most utterly & profoundly confused about this!

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    I have to admit that I criticised him once, I was not sure what I was saying, I hope God will forgive me.

    However this does not mean I am saying he is authenticative, I simply don`t know.


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      The following link is an article on albaani from a Hanafi perspective.

      I have not studied the works of albaani to be able to comment either way and post this link to maybe shed some light on why it is that Hanafis do not recognise albaani as a Sheikh.

      Again to remove any missunderstanding I do not agree or disagree with what is written as I am not in a position to agree or disagree.


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        I can`t believe somebody might drop the tile of Shaikh from somebody just because they disagree with them on: what way to rotate your finger, or where to put your hands in sajda or how to raise your hands.

        Enough of this, muslims needs to discuss real issues that will help the nation leep forward instead of focusing on such details.

        Anybody knows what was Al-albani`s stance about Algeria in the 90s?


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          its revealing how the author of the a rticle at the end states "May Allah guide" - most people would include themselves to be guided too! LOL

          I tried to read the whole aritcle, but just skimmed through it - it annoys me when muslims refer to the Prophet (saw) as "holy" - don't people realise that the concept of "holy" came from the Chrisitains? And we don 't believe that the Messenger was " divine"- it really irritates me when people say this.

          Again, it seems that its only the hanafees have an issue with al-bani - was it because he was initally taught upon the hanafee methodology?

          I'm not sure if i gained anything useful from the link, but thats for putting it up, its always good to read various opinions. i've further read up on this stuff. Its interesting to note that the founders of the four famous madhabs, all died before the "sound six" hadeeth collections were put together (bukharee, muslim, Abo Daawood, Ibn Majaah, at-Tirmidhee & 1 more). and the political significant and history behind making only certain madhabs the offical of the state.

          I think once people start to put their loyalty aside and just look at the evidences in a more objective view then this would be better. I think the article didn't make it clear (or did it) that ijtihad is only made when there isn't clear evidence from the Sunnah (including the Qur'aan) and it is appplied to a certain circumstance and the ruling may change, whereas the sharee 'ah is fixed.

          The debate will go on i guess.


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            My first sentence should have read that its revealing to see that the author ends the article as "may Allah guide them" - i found it amusing that he didn't include himself in the guidance


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