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Black ministers preach against 'evil' new mosque

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  • Black ministers preach against 'evil' new mosque

    *Correction of Title* A Black Minister Preaches Against 'Evil' New Mosque

    POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- A coalition of ministers led by the Rev. O'Neal Dozier plan to distribute comic strip booklets about the Islam religion, which they believe "teaches evil and hatred," in opposition to a zoning change that allows the Islamic Center of South Florida to begin construction on a new mosque in a predominantly black community.

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    The article's headline, while perhaps technically accurate, is also misleading in a sense, as it suggests some kind of 'racial opposition' when in fact many of the Muslims in the U.S.A. are black. The issue is probably more connected to some kind of perceived 'turf war' where an existing congregation feels threatened by the emergence of a mosque that could impact on attendances.


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      oops! I just mindlessly copied and pasted.... sorry!!!


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        la2, I was making no criticism of you, ya BB, it is just the way the article was presented is all.


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          i know, bas if i had read it closely, then i'd have changed the thread title... too late for that now...


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            I think South Florida [Hollywood, Ft Lauderdale areas] have more mosques per square mile than anywhere else I've seen in the US. And it doesn't matter which one you go to for Jummah they are all packed I like it


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              Wow! really, mashaAllah --- in California, there are plenty of masajid, but each one is like 20 miles away from each other...


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                Crist dumps preacher who ranted on Islam

                Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist ordered his staff on Friday to remove a Pompano Beach minister from his campaign because of his stand against Islam.
                BY DARRAN SIMON
                The Rev. O'Neal Dozier suffered another political slap Friday.

                Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist told his staff to take the Pompano Beach minister off all his campaign committees. The move comes after the Rev. Dozier characterized Islam as a ''cult'' and a ''dangerous religion,'' on a South Florida radio talk show in July.

                Dozier also recently announced plans to distribute booklets to residents living near the site of a future mosque in a black Pompano Beach community.

                ''While Charlie Crist respects Rev. Dozier's right to express his political and religious beliefs, he does not agree with Rev. Dozier's recent statements and writings concerning Islam,'' according to a statement issued Friday by Crist's deputy press secretary Erin Isaac.

                ``While radical jihadists give Islam a bad name, Charlie Crist believes that we must not confuse those who practice any religion with a prayer toward peace with extremists who pervert religion to further a radical cause.''

                The Rev. Dozier initially made his remarks on the radio show and several times in discussing his opposition to construction of a mosque in a ''black Christian'' Pompano Beach community.

                Dozier and others opposing the mosque -- which has been approved -- have also said they would rather see affordable housing on the roughly 5-acre property.

                Dozier confirmed that someone from Crist's campaign called Friday about his removal.

                ''I'm just simply doing what I think any true pastor would do,'' Dozier said.

                ``There is no way I can turn my back on this thing. This mosque coming into our neighborhood is a total nightmare. It's a religion that is not a peaceful religion.''

                Today -- the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan -- Dozier and several members of his church, the Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, plan to distribute some of the 3,000 copies of the illustrated booklets created by Chick Publications of California. The batch -- with titles such as Who is Allah? -- cost about $400, Dozier said.

                Dozier's plan to distribute the booklets also factored into Crist's decision.

                ''It sends a very strong message that public officials are not going to endorse people who espouse racial bigotry, intolerance and hate,'' said Altaf Ali, executive director the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

                ``That's the kind of leadership Floridians are looking for.''

                This is Dozier's second political dismissal in two months.

                In July, he was forced to step down from a nine-member Judicial Nominating Commission responsible for nominating judges in Broward County.

                Gov. Jeb Bush, who appointed Dozier in 2001 and reappointed him in 2003, expressed concerns about his remarks on the radio show.

                Crist's move is a turnaround from two months ago. In July, he told The Miami Herald he wasn't going to stop Dozier from volunteering in his gubernatorial campaign.

                ''I'm grateful for all the support I can get,'' Crist said then.



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