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    salam to all i hope you're all doing good inshallah =] my sister is getting married soon inshallah and we can't seem to find any good wedding nasheeds! pleaseeeeeeee can someone help!!! i've heard of al-aqsa but cannot find their music anywhere can anyone please get some or give me links? jazakullah to all 4 ur help w/salam

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    You could try here and here


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      Zain Bhikha - Wedding Song


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        thanks al-khiyal i already have those songs its the only ones i could find =]
        i was looking more for algerian style i heard of a group called al-aqsa (sometimes spelt with a 'k') or Hassan Youssef, sound familiar?
        i found a website that has links to some songs but nearly none of them work and i can't find them anywher else....can u help?

        [Audio] Anasheed de mariage : ) ou autres - Accueil des forums

        thats the link, thank you for your help anyway


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          w/salam ya Myra

          I spent a little time searching and unfortunately, like you, I could only ever find 'dead links' for Al-Aksa. The only Algerian wedding anasheed I could find for now are performed by a group called Al Kawthar, and I could only find Real Media files. If you have Real Player you might find these links some help:

          Al Kawthar - Afrah Kawthar (Part 1)

          Al Kawthar - Afrah Kawthar (Part 2)

          or Al Kawthar - Afrah Kawthar (Full album)

          Here is a link to wedding anasheed in mp3 format, by Abu Ratib

          Some popular anasheed by an Egyptian group, Annour:

          Bism Al Karim

          Dar Ala7eba

          Hia Lila

          Ya Aboya


          Download here: Annour - Barikouli

          Finally, here is a link to the Web site of Youcef Hacen

          It might also be a very good idea to register at these sites and ask there - one member at the first site had Al-Aksa anasheed and the discussion is still alive:

          fi aman Allah


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            salam thank u very much for all your help, you seem to have found everything i have found =] lol...all those websites and links you have given i have already visited, except hassan youcef so thank you very much for that one! i have already got the al-kawthar ones and abu ratib and i can't seem to open annour because its an RAR
            i did, aswell, email the person posting the mails on the websites but ive had no reply yet....but thank you so much for your help jazakullah
            salam =]


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