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  • Preparing for the Marathon...

    Salamu 3alaikum Everybody!

    Okay, today is July 26, aka 12th of Rajab (at least in my time zone ). That means that there's almost a month and a half until we - inshaAllah - reach Ramadan. So tell me, how many Ramadans have you started off with severe headaches, bad tempers, and long naps? I can tell you that almost ALL of my Ramadans start off that way... But what a loss for me - these "symptoms" last for 10 days and by then we're already passed 1/3 of Ramadan!! The first third which is all about Rahma (mercy) from Allah!!! And not only am I not ready physically - I'm also a bit unfit spiritually. Imagine spending the whole year listening to music and wasting time and then all of a sudden - in ONE month - you're expected to read the entire Quran, give up music, give up TV, give up things that are a part of your daily life... It's hard, I for one know that very well...

    But hey, this year, if I live to see Ramadan - I want to make it the most beneficial Ramadan ever... I want to make sure EVERY day is spent wisely and I take advantage of ALL the blessings Allah gave us in those 30 (29?) days. But how? Well, after a bit of research, I read that the Prophet (3alayhil salam) would fast the most in the month of Sha3ban than in any other month (except for Ramadan) in order to prepare himself for the next 30 days.

    Interesting, huh? Well, how 'bout giving it a try? It's like preparing for a marathon... You don't just show up on the day and run 26 miles!! You'd collapse after the first 3! No, you'd prepare yourself MONTHS before... make sure that your body is capable of handling such stress.

    What I'm saying is that if you're sick of trying to run 26 miles right off the bat (), then go ahead and try to fast some days before Ramadan. How about Mondays and Thursdays ? Isn't that a sunna? ... That's not so bad, right? And just think - maghrib time in Ramadan is going to be LATE! Not the usual 5:30 we're used to . We're going to be fasting for much longer than we have been for that past couple of years - so it'll be that much harder to start your first fast on the first day of Ramadan.

    So what dya say? Do I have any partners? Anyone interested?


    (ps: soooooooo sorry for the long post - once i start babbling, i have to pinch myself to stop )
    (pps: this marathon idea wasn't mine, by the way... i got it from my halaqa leader )

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    nice analogy ya bent
    It seems as if one fails to conceive
    The meaning my name strives to achieve

    To a biological form you cannot relate-
    Because a reproductive cell is a gamete not gamate!

    It means to unite, -to become consolidated
    So without me in, is there hope we'd be amalgamated?


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      So what dya say? Wanna take a stab at it w/ me?


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        LOL sounds like a clever plan! Good luck with it!



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          ... anyone?


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