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  • Islamic video and audio lectures, anasheed etc.

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    Index of /Islamic Server lists scholars I admire dearly:

    Dr. Ahmad Sakr: He was like our 'second father' when we were growing up. He still takes care of us mashallah

    Imam Jamal Badawi: favorite lecturer on Islam and Science. His recorded lectures helped me succeed through semester-long debate with my evolutionary bio teacher and Philosophy of Science teach.

    Bilal Philips/Imam Siraj Wahaj: great speakers, fills all with enthusiasm and commitment for our deen.

    Ingrit Matson: supurb mashallah- very intelligent and well versed

    Harun Yahya: of course, my fave in Islam and Science read his books and watched his videos

    Hassan Hathout: The best 'grandpa' man we know personally (other than my grandfather) he's a grand old man and very humble. He loves everyone and is one of the best speakers to listen to. every word that comes out of his mouth is wisdom and is meaningful subhanallah.

    the list of scholars goes on and on and on...
    It seems as if one fails to conceive
    The meaning my name strives to achieve

    To a biological form you cannot relate-
    Because a reproductive cell is a gamete not gamate!

    It means to unite, -to become consolidated
    So without me in, is there hope we'd be amalgamated?


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      ... and Suhaib Webb... and I really like Imam Saadiq Safir


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