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Leaving Islam?

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  • Leaving Islam?


    My boyfriend was raised in Algeria as a muslim, he has told me he does not believe in the faith but he can never leave it.

    I do not want to ask him more, I just wondered if anyone here can explain this to me? I do not understand why if you no longer beleive you cannot say 'I am not Muslim'? I do not mind what religion he is, I would love him anyway, I am confused over this.

    With love from Down-under, Sydney Australia
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    Hi Maya,

    That's interesting the way your friend feels, and who knows, there may be many reasons for that: pride, fear, sense of belonging (identity) or he simply still has faith even though he denies it.

    The question we could ask is: to what extent does he not believe?

    If for example he does not believe in The Creator and he still calls himself a Muslim, then, obviously, he's just fooling himself and others.

    If, on the other hand, he has doubts about smaller details - and fluctuation in faith is normal. Everyone goes through it from time to time - then technically he's still a Muslim to a degree but needs to remind himself of the core essence of Islam and distance his thoughts from the so called Muslims who clearly behave unislamically. He then has to study more and gain more knowledge. Because like Sheikh Yusuf Estes was saying, in Islam we have both proof and faith. The more proof you have the bigger and stronger your faith.


    P.S. Faith in Arabic is called: Imaan إيمان


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      Thank you for your explanation it makes a lot more sense to me now!



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        You're welcome!

        Nice to see a happy soul


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