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    Dear Jugurten,

    Greetings, and good evening...

    Your opening metaphor was rather good, but are you sure you would want to trust me to the driver's seat????? ( *Woman driver alert!* * Woman driver alert!* ) It is a well known fact that skirts cruise the highways while talking on the phone, putting on mascara, changing the radio station, shaving their legs, and downing a coffee, all at the same time...Of course, I suppose that you
    are pretty safe in the back seat. Much safer than Mantigore would be...Unless, say, I was driving a Mustang II with a 302v8, which would probably save our lives in the event of a head on collision with nay-sayers of all persuasions.

    Well, I try not to discriminate, I've no idea if I am entirely successful at it. The subconscious is a powerful thing isn't it?

    I may be a bit out-dated, but I think I am a quick learn...

    OK, that was a lie. Well, the part about my being back-dated is absolutely true. The part about me being a quick learn is a bit of a fabrication. When I was 20 I was a quick learn...Now it takes me a bit longer to learn
    things. On the up side, I forget stuff in half the time!

    OK Jugurten, part of me is scholarly and the other part is Spongebob obsessed. Can the two sides exist together? Why can't I have the best of both worlds? Can't I be serious about certain things,and still enjoy a bit of silliness? Am I now too old to be allowed any silliness?

    Jugurten, I just wanted to tell you that I think you got lost in politics again.

    The MEDIA. This is the REAL enemy. Just consider it for a moment. No, really. How much of what you hear and see and read is real? How much of what you hear and see and read can be trusted? How have the facts been relayed? Have they been disguised? Have important pieces of information
    been ommitted? Who decides what is important- what is newsworthy? How does the MEDIA use bits and pieces of information to manipulate an audience ( of 20, or
    20 million...) Theirs is a deadly game and WE are all its VICTIMS.

    CRABS n' SUCH...In Maryland, this would be a seafood boutique...Have a beer, eat some seafood, do a little shopping..

    SEDUCTION?????????????? ( etc. ) Hmmm, I am afraid that I do not know how to seduce...But a place to escape from conflict sounds nice....But is it possible?

    Best regards,


    " Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot
    That it do singe yourself. "
    Henry VIII, I, i.


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      Dear Addison:

      I am your age + 1, and heterosexual male.

      I agree that one age can be used to discriminate against, but one should not find happiness or misery based on that.

      I conclude from your previous reply that you are very lonely, and from your complaint understand that you have at least once suffered of age discrimination. Can you share or is it too personal for the web?

      From my experience woman link age to fertility. And being under more restraint than man suffer of it more. In the same direction they are more aware of their physical/body state than man. Are you in anyway handicaped?

      Is what makes you cry, etc... related to the above?

      finally, yes I focussed in my previous answer to Mantigore on the virtual aspect of relationships and thus narrowed the the word relationship to intellectual. You have expanded it to include the entire spectrum of one's life.
      I admit that I am became more cerabral wirh age and more and more as time passes.

      There is the pleasure aspect in the physical being as well, and indeed if one does not fit the standard established by the magazines, his or her access to such plaisir are restrained.

      All of this is but one more reason to locate God inside one-self and worship it endlessly.

      The Amazigh people and association in America are celebrating the Dark Spring 1980, and I am heading there.
      It that night I reported previously when the Government Security Service came at night to bucher us.

      Have nice evening.

      You are a sweetheart of many us here. Myself, Ron, Mantigore, and am sure many more.



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        Dear Jugurten,

        Greetings! I am off work today, and still up before 0600 hrs. What's wrong with this picture?

        Good morning...

        So we are very near the same age. Interesting. I usually see myself as being the only 40 something in the cyber-world...I feel somewhat relieved!

        Well, I think we all get lonely sometimes...But you see, I took this vow of celibacy when I was but a youngster( what things we do in the haste of Youth! - now I am bound, ) and I have no family to speak of, so now that I am getting older, it has become more difficult. I speak not from a Romantic point of view, but from a practical one. I wonder, the older I get, at what will become of me should I become ill or incapacitated. I try not to think upon it, but it is, of course, inevitable. It is a difficult thing to live a life on one's own, but, I suspect, even more tedious to get old on one's own!

        I am not yet handicapped, God be praised, and it is my hope that He will keep me from such a situation. He has been very good to me, even though I am a constant burr in His fur.

        Oh, I am such a wimp!!! I cry at ablsolutley everything!!! I cried at " Monsters, Inc!!!! " BUT I laugh a lot too, and am easily amused, at that, so it evens out, I suppose. I believe I am what people would call, hyper-sensitive, but I think it has a lot to do with the environment
        in which I was raised.

        Oh, Jugurten, my little quip, " got lost in politics again,..." was a little joke. I was only mimic-ing your response. I did not mean to sound as if I was scolding you...!!

        Yes, my word yes, in this present age, there is so much pressure on people to look a certain way. I am very cautious about appearances. There is something dubious about a smile that has been bleached to neon perfection. Now more than ever people worship the cult of youth. Women are especially damaged by this, and I am disturbed by it, but what can you do? Get on with it. I look at women like Fanny Ardant, and Susan Sarandon... Catherine Denueve and Helen Mirren, and I think that they are some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and they are in their
        late fifites! It would seem that Europeans put much less import on age than Americans do, with their Barbie and Ken culture...

        Click on my e-mail sometime, and I will send you a picture. You tell me...

        Where are you headed for the "celebration.?" Is it downtown? Is it a public protest? Is it a meeting with officials of some sort? Is it of an investigative nature, or more of a group " supportive " effort? I am now more curious. What do you do with such information. How do you
        go about researching the truth, when it will be, no doubt, cleverly disguised or extinguised altogether?

        Hey, Jugurten, I really appreciate your response! And I thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. It is always interesting to me to note how the simplest things,
        perhaps a few words, can mean so much, Indeed, it is often the tiny gestures that have the greatest impact, no? If people knew how important little gestures were, perhaps they would make them more often. It takes so little to crush someone sometimes, and so very little to make them feel quite wonderful. These things ought not to be taken for granted by us.

        And where is Ron these days? Do you talk to him off the board? Is he OK? I am still shocked to find that Mantigore will have dialogue with me! I am glad to be able to talk to people here...We are not so different, when you think upon it, ...are we?

        Take care,

        Best regards,


        " 'Tisn't life that matters!! ' Tis the courage you bring to it. " Sir Hugh Walpole


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          Originally posted by Addison
          Dear mantigore,

          Yes, I suppose knowing someone's age could be used as a weapon against them..But I do not know how it would make much difference in the cyber world. You could always lie,
          I guess, if it would make you feel better...! But I did not reveal mine just to try to get others to do the same. I respect your desire not to reveal this information about yourself, as to do so would clearly make you feel uncomfortable.

          Hmmm. Yes perhaps I was incorrect in my assessment of your tone...

          OK, it is as you wrote: "...people have to deal with things." However, with regard to the comment, " Who says they have to enjoy it, or accept it, or go quietly about it, " I do not reckon that ANYone says this! If we experience misfortune, certainly it is not for our pleasure, but it may very well be for our good. That which is good and is necessary for our growth may not always be that which pleases us. Additionally, I have known people to go "about it" quietly, but they are a rare breed. Most people, I'll wager need to be quite vocal about it. It seems to help somehow, though I do not know why. I try
          to be one of those stiff-upper-lip types, but it never gets me far. My usual pattern would be, umm...let's see...Cry, rant, cry, over-react, imagine worst case scenerios, hate my life, get angry with God, curse my life, cry, get a headache, get a nosebleed, take a pill, cry, hate everyone ELSE'S life, curse, cry, have a lie down, wipe my nose, beg God's forgiveness, stop crying, wait until headache subsides, then resume day. ( Lather, rinse, repeat,...) After an unspecified time ( depending on the event and degree of trauma ) I get on with my life.

          OK, if you did not know I was female before this, you certainly would NOW...

          Things will not always be as they are for you today ( as they were to you yesterday, or as they will seem to you tomorrow... ) I believe it.

          With my respects,


          " We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. " Oscar Wilde

          "I respect your desire not to reveal this information about yourself, as to do so would clearly make you feel uncomfortable. "
          Theres nothing to be uncomfortable about. Im what could be termed a 'teenager'. By the way, those star lookers are just dreamers as theyll never reach them.
          You shouldnt cry so much. 'No tears please, its a waste of good suffering!'. lol.
          "I do not reckon that ANYone says this!"

          Yea, well now you do, cuz i say it


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            Hey Mantigore!!

            That line you just used, "'s a waste of good suffering..." Knock me in the head, but is that from "Hellraiser? " There IS a certain truth to it, you know? The Cynobytes(sp) are pretty awesome, you have to admit. Have you ever seen or listened to Doug Bradley ( " Pinhead? " ) He is the most soft spoken, charming, intelligent chat-er you could ever imagine!! Go fig! I suppose it is like that Hallowe'en thing ( my favorite holiday by the way ) where people ususally end up going dressed as their exact opposites in term of personality...

            Have a good day,



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              indeed it was. Im sure many things are like that. Like the poles of magnetics. \/


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