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  • algerian language help!!!

    I am unfortunatly in the middle of ending my marriage with my algerian husband,(he refuses to leave the home) ive tried and tried but cannot take his abuse anymore, physical and emotional, he also hurts my childrens feelings.
    I need some help, im so frustrated he threatens me with allsorts including burning my home down and having my kids taken away, he says he will go to prison for me and dosent care about the police!. im 30 he is 24 , he dosent have his *paper^ yet it is still in the marriage dep waiting to be seen by a case worker.
    he always shouts and swears at me in arabic, i think it is mainly algier swear slang or something like that!,is there anyone that can please give me a list of the most common swear words in algerian and what they mean in english !! please
    also would there be anyone prepared to listen to a sound file for me if i were to record one of his telephone conversation with his family???, as another family source advised me he is only interested in his paper, and his parent dont even speak of me they say he is married to a kabyle woman
    please help glossary of swear words and english means
    translating a conversation if needed
    this seems unfair i know but this man abuses me and my kids, hes spat on me too many times, cheated on me while i was sick in hospital!! thats just some of it

    glossary of swear words and english means
    translating a conversation if needed

    kind regards chrissie x

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    thats so sad, hope ur ok now, give him papers thats wat i say then he wil b gone take cre xxxx
    Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


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      The same way YOU DECIDED that what he says to you in Algerian is a "SWEAR" without any understanding, you can DECIDE that the same sounds you hear are COMPLIMENTS. Or is it a swear because it's Algerian? Come back when you ready to hear Algerian Nicities. Meanwhile Get a life ! There you go, that's the only SWEAR there is in Algeria and Algerian: "Get a life !"



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        chrissie, i was reading your story with horror. It could be my story in the future. Im seeing an algerian guy at the mo, really love him, but have doubts about having a family life together. We ve got many things in common. I would really like to talk to you. Could you give me your email, please. I live in uk.


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          You can send sound file to me, ive got a chat friend in algeria, he could help.


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            With all due respect, arab man+american woman is USUALLY not a good least in the case that you're describing. I would get out of this relationship if I were you.


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              Sorry, I meant British. :-)


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                why do u think that? it depends on the 2 ppl married... it depends on their education...their manners...the way they were raised... etc etc.
                My uncles are married to british women and they are all happy ...they have kids ...and everyone is very happy... no problems at all.
                Its just the odd situation where one of the couple has some problems in his/her head... and the relationship just wouldnt work. It has nothing to do with algerian / british relationships not a good combo.

                A british couple between themselves can fight and get divorced... a chinese couple can also fight and get divorced.. this is life... god created marriage and divorce.

                It really depends who you wanna mix with, it will be difficult if 2 ppl from 2 different cultures mix... this is obvious... but as long as one respects the other...and one is ready to adapt.. make a few changes...etc it will all be ok.

                Awaiting your responses.



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                  Never give in to a tyrant

                  No one deserves to be spat on or physically hurt, no matter what they have or have not done.

                  No matter how frightened you feel, you should never,ever give in to a bully. Never, ever be a coward, but do not provoke him.

                  Take legal advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or Law Centre. Do not let him get away with using you for his papers. If you do, you will only kick yourself afterwards for being a mug.

                  I think you are trying to fight him on his own ground by using his own words back at him.

                  Do not even try - you will lose - he knows his own language better than you ever will.

                  If you have to fight at all, then do it according to your rules, not his.

                  Go to the police if he assaults you. There are new laws in place now for domestic harassment and violence.

                  You may feel your life has fallen apart. You will know you are over it when you look back with RELIEF not regret.

                  Good luck.


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                    Pricess D: Idon't know if you read the post, but this lady SAYS that she doesn't understand what her husband/boyfriend tells her in Algerian, yet qualifies it as INSULT ! Do you get it? - It's insult because either HE says it or because it's Algerian. Her fear is probably of the same nature IN HER HEAD ! certainly programmed by television !


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                      Hi YM

                      Hi YM

                      Yeah I get it - I'm just 'cutting to the chase' - what difference does it make if he's reading the shopping list over the 'phone when he's abusing her physically - beating and spitting on her?

                      I don't actually believe this post has been written by an British woman anyway. The grammer and syntax are not British in style and the user name "ChrissieUK" is too 'convenient' should we say. It could possibly have been written by a black British woman, but I doubt it.

                      I suspect it has been written by "mohammeddz" - whoever he might be. Can't see any point in speculating 'why' though.



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                        Good Point !

                        I think that you're right in your analysis. I think that too much PROFILING PEOPLE is happening here. The pseudo-woman did not refer to physical violence however. That is an evidence in itself. If any thing, she wants out because probably it turned out that he is not a whell of oil. Only materialist and immoral(by any standard) person would engage in intimate relationship for that. That dishonesty explains her INCAPABILITY of splitting honestly, i.e say "sorry it didn't work out !" - Let say, he exploited, or misled her by keeping her false speculation/assemption intact. Why would he do that? Well probably, because she sees in him a penny, so did he ! he saw in her a green card for pennies ! Boomerang ! What goes around comes around !
                        She wants to play god/create life with him, yet can't learn his culture/language...She may as well sleep with a camel !

                        Euros and around the globe people EXPECT Algerians and Africans in general to HATE THEMSELVES and thus hate their-alike !..... La theorie de la Hogra ! Starts with governments in all countries where islam of any form is spread... exercise of hogra starting with the women who carried them 9 months ! Women who end up with such men are no frigging different. They have accepted that in their own home as children ! I honestly do not see a difference between Britis society and Arab one ! Macho backwards thinking... Why do you think that Americans had to get ride of them both ?
                        Have a nice week end.



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