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  • Dr Umar F Abd-Allah (Nawawi Foundation, USA), one of the most exciting and learned Muslim thinkers in the West, will be in the UK on a lecture tour, Inshallah.

    He will visit London, Bradford, Birmingham and Liverpool between 16-26 November 2006 - including for an event ""Can't Cook. Won't Cook. Don't know how to cook" dedicated to all all the young people facing marriage/geneder relations woes

    Cultural Jihad - Making Islam Matter
    17th November 2006
    7 pm - 9.30 pm
    Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London [see location]

    Brief: For Muslims living in the West the future lies not in the tinkering of theology but in the production of culture. But how is this process of cultural relevancy to take place? Is it taking place? What are its discernible forms? What are the challenges that need to be surmounted before a genuine cultural expression takes root? And what and who is to define what is ‘genuine’? To what extent is cultural output in Islamic civilisation a utilitarian exercise? In the global village of specialised economies and shared global tastes where does the process of being consumers stop and that of being producers of culture begin? What needs to be done to convert Western society to associate Islam with the beauty of the Taj Mahal and the Majesty of the Dome of the Rock rather than with the blasted Twin Towers of New York or the shattered Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? Can we develop an agenda of cultural do’s that would harness the energy of our young people
    to teach them that singing, creating, beautifying and being joyous are all part of the Islamic agenda?
    This event is brought to you with City Circle and Islamic Circles.

    Cultural Jihad - Making Islam Matter
    18th November 2006, Straight after 'Isha prayer Bradford Central Mosque, Darfield Street, Bradford, BD1 3RU
    Tel: 07813884167
    Keynote address: Dr Umar F Abd-Allah
    Brief: As above

    "Searching for Dad: Exploring Muslim Fatherhood"
    23rd November 2006, All day
    Paddington Hilton Hotel

    Brief: Dr Umar Abd-Allah will deliver the keynote address at the UK's first Muslim Fatherhood conference. His address, entitled "Father versus Patriarch: The Socio-Political Ramifications of Parenthood" will explore the theological and spiritual dimensions of fatherhood as embodied in the Islamic non-gender specific concept of God and the model of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). It will also focus on the nature of the nurturing father and its social-psychological and political implicationespecially in terms of helping to thwart right-wing political ideologies and propensities.

    Participants must pay a fee to attend. For more details,

    "Can't Cook. Won't Cook. Don't know how to cook."
    24th November 2006, 6.30 pm
    Central London venue to be confirmed

    Brief: Could there be a more frustrating issue plaguing our young people than gender relations? How long can the first gaze be? Can I shake hands with a member of the opposite sex? Why can't I find a wife or a husband? Why do I break out into a sweat each time my eyes meet that of a Muslim sister/brother, and yet it's easy to talk to Sally, Mandy or Tom? What if we just want to be friends? Why are all the good men and women taken? Why is everyone marrying 'back home'? I'm too successful - why won't anyone marry me? What does it mean to be an ideal husband or wife?

    Join Dr Umar Abd-Allah in an open, honest and informal discussion.
    This event is brought to you with Islamic Circles.

    25th November 2006
    The Veiled Truth: Famous Women of Islam

    25th November 2006, Afternoon program (venue, time to be confirmed)
    Brief: What does it mean to have Muslim women who speak with authority? Dr Umar will comment on the current fascination with Muslim women and the problems of both the "mainstream" and Muslim approach to women. Dr Umar will draw on selected stories of his ground-breaking work, Famous Women of Islam, to challenge conventional notions of Muslim women - both Muslim and non-Muslim.

    Islamic Extremism in the Context of Globalism 25th November 2006, Evening program, Right after Isha prayer Central Mosque Ghamkol Sharif, 107-113 Golden Hillock Rd., Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 1D (TBC)
    19th November 2006
    (details to be confirmed)


      SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER 10AM – 5.30PM
      Registrations are pouring in from all over the country for Stop the War's
      People's Assembly on Saturday 18 November, which will discuss "ISLAMOPHOBIA AND
      THE WAR ON TERROR. Places are still available but immediate registration is
      advisable (telephone 020 7278 6694).

      Speakers include Tony Benn, Adam Price MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Rose Gentle
      (Military Families Against the War), Lindsey German (Stop the War), Anas al
      Tikriti, Moazzam Begg, Jean Lambert MEP, Cllr Salma Yaqoob, John McDonnell MP,
      Kate Hudson (CND), Sami Ramadani, playwright David Edgar, Labour NEC member
      Walter Wolfgang , Ismael Patel, Yvonne Ridley (Islam Channel) and the two
      brothers who were victims of the completely unfounded police raid in Forest Gate
      this Summer.

      The assembly agenda will include sessions on:
      * The war on Terror and its Consequences
      * Resisting War and Islamophobia
      * Organising to Stop the Backlash

      The assembly is open to all, whether delegates representing organisations or
      individuals attending as observers. Delegates and observers will have equal
      speaking rights in all sessions but only delegates will be entitled to vote on
      the assembly's closing declaration.
      TO REGISTER NOW, TELEPHONE 020 7278 6694


      • Enough! End the Occupation: Justice for the Palestinians - Launch 30th Jan!

        2007 marks the 40th anniversary of Israel’s military occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Enough! is a major coalition of UK-based charities, trade unions, faith and other campaign groups formed to mark this anniversary by pressing for a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike. Attend the Launch Rally, Tuesday 30th January, 7-9pm, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London - outstanding speakers, free entry.

        Tony Benn
        Prof Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian General Delegate
        Dr Mona El-Farra, author, From Gaza, with Love
        Yonatan Shapira, Israeli pilot and Combatant for Peace
        Zakaria Abu Harbid, Award-winning Gaza cameraman
        Sharif Omar, Jayous farmer
        plus more speakers, films, stalls and merchandise
        Tuesday 30 January 2007, 19.00-21.00
        Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

        Free entry

        Coalition members: Amicus, Amos Trust, BFAWU, Britain-Palestine All Party Parliamentary Group, Britain Palestine Twinning Network, CAABU, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Friends of Birzeit University, GMB, Green Party, ICAHD UK, Interpal, Jewish Socialists’ Group, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Medical Aid for Palestinians, Muslim Association of Britain, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Public Affairs Committee, NUJ, NUS Black Students Campaign, Open Bethlehem, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Palestinian Return Centre, Pax Christi, PCS, Quaker Peace and Social Witness, T&G, Trade Union Friends of Palestine, UNISON, War on Want, Welfare Association

        End the Occupation:

        Justice for the Palestinians

        2007 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Six Day War, in which the Israeli Army took military control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since that time Israel has encouraged its Jewish citizens to move into these Occupied Palestinian Territories and set up their homes and businesses in ‘settlements’ using land and resources stolen from the Palestinian people. This situation has continued to the current day despite being declared illegal by the United Nations and international humanitarian law.

        The Occupation has created serious poverty for the Palestinians, as well as severe human rights violations. But Palestinian suffering dates back further, to 1948, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families were driven from their homes in order to create the state of Israel. The United Nations asserted the refugees’ right to return home in 1949, but despite this, the refugee population has grown to over four million, one of the largest in the world, most of whom continue to wait in camps for international law to be upheld.

        Britain bears a particular responsibility for this suffering. From 1920, Britain controlled the region under a mandate, encouraging massive Jewish immigration into Palestine for its own political reasons, and causing violent racial tensions. While Israel is in violation of over 60 UN Resolutions, the UK has failed to live up to its responsibilities. Along with the US and many EU countries, the UK is involved in a close military, economic and political relationship with Israel and against the Palestinian people.
        We say Enough! We are a group of charities, trade unions, faith and other campaign groups. We have come together to campaign for peace and freedom for all the people of the region, which can only be built on justice and equality. In order to achieve this goal governments like our own must stand up for international law, human rights and justice. Join our campaign.

        Planned events:
        • Launch on 30th January 2006
        • April local actions
        • 9th June National Demonstration, rally in Trafalgar Square
        • November Lobby of Parliament
        More information available at:


        • hopefully they'll be having the same here...


          • That's an impressive supporters' list - all of the biggest unions in the UK are on it.



            • An-Nisa Society & The Leo Baeck College Present:


              Date: Sunday 28th January 2007
              Time: 11.30 pm - 6.00 pm
              Venue: An-Nisa Society, 85 Wembley Hill Rd, Wembley, Middx, HA9 8BU

              Both in Judaism and in Islam there is a great emphasis on community
              life. But apparently the parallels end there. The Muslim community
              is sometimes perceived as a vast international body with many
              different languages and schools of thought. The Jewish community is
              sometimes perceived as a nation with a common language and history.
              While pronouncing a short testimony of faith seems to be sufficient
              for someone to become a Muslim, becoming a Jew appears to be a
              more complicated process. What are the key concepts that make up
              our self-understanding as communities? The Hebrew term Am. The
              Arabic term Ummah. Unequal siblings of Abraham's family? This
              seminar is limited to Jews and Muslims. Fees are £15, which
              includes a light lunch.

              For more information and to book a place please contact:
              Tel: 020 8902 0100
              Fax: 020 8902 0133
              an-nisa@btconnect. com


              • JIMAS Presents:


                with Sr Uzma Jung and Sr Someera Butt

                Date: Saturday 17th February 2007
                Time: 10.30 am - 4.30 pm
                Venue: Ipswich County Library, County Library, Northgate Street,
                Ipswich, IP1 3DE (side entrance on Old Foundry Road)

                A unique opportunity to ask questions about women's issues and
                discuss what's on your mind. The seminar will be conducted in
                English by experienced female teachers from London. Lunch and
                refreshments provided. Ticket price is £2.50. Unfortunately
                there are no facilities for children. Places are limited. An
                event for women only.

                For tickets or further information please contact:
                Tel: 01473 251 578
       / jimasevents@ uk


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                  • JUBILEE FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE! SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2007


                    This situation cannot be redeemed, it can only be mourned. Too many are homeless, too many are without adequate medical care, too many are subject to violence on our streets. What if the billions of dollars devoted to tax cuts and war in Iraq were dedicated to the people’s needs?

                    WE CAN TURN IT AROUND!

                    From Domination to Generosity in our Foreign Policy. From Racism to Reconciliation at Home.



                    WHAT: Jubilee for Justice and Peace

                    WHEN: Sunday, April 15, 2007 at 5 p.m.

                    WHERE: (Location: TBD)


                    Become a partner for justice and peace

                    CONTACT: Interfaith Communities United For Justice And Peace (ICUJP), P.O. Box 483, Pasadena, CA 91102. Tel: (626) 683-9004; E-mail:


                    • Human Relief Foundation Presents:


                      Date: Sunday 25th March 2007
                      Time: 2.30 pm – 7.00 pm
                      Venue: York Hall, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PJ

                      An extraordinary event for the whole family. The event includes
                      Nasheeds by Mecca2Medina (UK), Al-Noor (Morocco) and Sautus-Salam
                      (Malaysia). Plus talks, sisters fashion show, bazaar, auction,
                      henna, face painting, games for kids, and more. Come and make a
                      difference for the orphans. We are also looking for volunteers
                      to help at future functions. Travel expenses will be paid.

                      For more information and bookings please contact:
                      Tel: 0208 514 6540
                      Website: Human Relief Foundation - Home


                      • ISRAEL, PALESTINE & HUMAN RIGHTS

                        Date: Thursday 22nd March 2007
                        Time: 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
                        Venue: Keyworth Centre, South Bank University, Keyworth Street,
                        London, SE1 0AA

                        Speakers will include Daniel Machover (Solicitor at Hickman Rose,
                        founder lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights) and Hannah Rought-Brooks
                        (barrister at Tooks Court Chambers, recently returned from Palestine
                        where she worked with Palestinian lawyers). All welcome to attend.

                        For more information please contact:
                        info@haldane. org
                        Website: www.haldane. org



                          with Ewa Jasiewicz (Writer and Human Rights Activist, Platform)*

                          Date: Sunday 11th March 2007
                          Time: 2.15 pm - 4.45 pm
                          Venue: 4th Floor, Muslim World League, 46 Goodge St, London, W1T 4LU

                          How are oil companies and the governments of the occupying powers in
                          Iraq influencing the process of controlling Iraqi oil to advance their
                          own political and economic interests? How are people in Iraq responding
                          to the plans to de-facto privatise their oil without any consultation?
                          What are the alternatives to the agreements advocated to maximise the
                          benefits of Iraq's oil revenues to benefit the Iraqi people? How can
                          those opposed to the agenda of economic occupation in Iraq, through the
                          control of Iraq's oil reserves, resist this process? There will be an
                          opportunity to ask questions and share ideas within the forum, and to
                          also hear about environmental activities LINE is active with.

                          * Ewa Jasiewicz is a writer, human rights activist and union organiser.
                          She has worked and lived in occupied Palestine and Iraq supporting
                          families, medical services and civil society organisations. She is a
                          founder of Naftana, the UK support committee for the anti-occupation,
                          anti-dictatorship independent Iraqi oil workers union - the General
                          Union of Oil Employees. She is currently working as an organiser for
                          the Transport and General Workers Union, as well as a researcher and
                          campaigner at PLATFORM, which is a social and environmental justice
                          organisation working on a campaign against oil privatisation in Iraq.

                          For more information please contact:
                          Tel: 0845 456 3960

                          Website: uk


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                            • In Britain, "Ninjabis" learn to fight back

                              By Amil Khan

                              LONDON (Reuters) - Anyone tempted to pick on a headscarf-wearing Muslim woman better hope they don't run into a Ninjabi.

                              Every week around 30 Muslim women, most wearing veils, gather in a community centre in east London to learn how to block, knee and punch would-be attackers or lecherous men targeting passive-looking victims. The organizers, who named the classes after Japanese Ninja warriors and women who wear the hijab, say Muslim women are looking to fight back against unwanted advances and a rising number of anti-Muslim attacks.

                              The ladies love the Ninjabi thing. It gives them a good giggle," said class instructor Dee Terry, who is not a Muslim herself.

                              One of the attendees, 31-year-old mother Mahmuda Mazid, said she took up the classes after a gang of youths tried to rob her teenage brother while she was with him in a local park.

                              "There was this sheer feeling of helplessness that I couldn't help myself or my brother... and there was absolute rage," she said. "I knew I had to do something to equip myself.

                              "In the classes I saw protection and self defense. That's what I needed."
                              The classes start with a warm-up and then the women -- no men are allowed -- practice punches, strikes using the heel of the hand, knee strikes to the groin and defenses against knives and sticks. Terry also teaches the women how to deter potential attackers by looking assertive.

                              The loose full-length clothing favored by Muslim women rules out high-kicking maneuvers but does not otherwise hinder movement, says Terry.
                              The Hijab and the Niqab -- which covers the face and leaves only the eyes visible -- clearly identify Muslim women, increasing their chances of becoming victims of anti-Muslim hostility. But Terry says Islamic clothing itself does not make it easier to attack a woman.

                              "An attacker can pull your headscarf but they can also pull your hair, so Islamic clothes don't make that much of a difference," added Terry, who also teaches Judo, Jujitsu and Kickboxing.

                              "PERVY MEN" AND "HOODIES"

                              In the dilapidated area where the classes are held, Muslim women said their biggest worry was harassment from "pervy men" and the violent anti-social behavior of teenagers from urban low-income communities, popularly called "hoodies" and "chavs".

                              In other areas of London, Muslim women said growing hostility towards Muslims -- commonly called Islamophobia -- since London's July 7th bombings in 2005 was a big fear.

                              Attacks on Muslims in London nearly quadrupled in the days after the July attacks. Figures collated by London's Metropolitan Police, and presented in a report by the Muslim Safety Forum, showed 303 attacks in July 2005, up from 82 in the previous month.

                              Azad Ali, chairman of the forum, said the attacks ranged from verbal abuse and vandalism of mosques to physical attacks. But because of limitations in the way attacks are reported, the real number is likely to be far higher, he added.

                              National figures are lacking because there are no universally agreed criteria among the country's police forces for what constitutes an Islamophobic attack, said Ali.

                              Muslims, who make up about 3 percent of Britain's population, also do not readily report attacks.

                              An initiative by London's police to engage with Muslim women found many did not report attacks because they felt the police would not act. Others had limited English and were unable to register complaints without help.
                              "The issue of reporting crime... was a major concern amongst certain (Muslim) communities," the police said in a report on meetings with Muslim women.

                              "This may lead to disenchantment with the process and eventual disengagement from the police and justice system," the police added in the report.

                              "ENTER THE NINJABI"

                              Official figures cite London as having the largest proportion of Muslims in the UK at 3.8 percent. The Ninjabi classes are held in the Newham area of the capital, where Muslims make up 24 percent of local inhabitants.
                              The organizers said the classes were a response to overwhelming demand from Muslim women.

                              "It was a need. Women were coming and asking for self- defense classes. We had heard of increasing Islamophobia and other sorts of attacks on Muslim women," said Mizan Raja, a coordinator of Islamic Circles, the organization running the classes.

                              The organizers say although similar self-defense classes are common the light-hearted approach which respects the women's faith has made the Ninjabi classes massively popular.

                              "We could fill a class a day. It's totally oversubscribed," said Raja.
                              The organizers plan to split the class according to experience, using names inspired by 1970s Hong Kong films starring martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

                              The beginners' level will be called "Enter the Ninjabi", the next will be "Return of the Ninjabi", then "Way of the Ninjabi". The organizers also plan to expand the Ninjabi concept.

                              "It's about empowering Muslim women... We could do it throughout the country," Raja added.


                              If you are interested please e-mail :


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