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    Did anyone attend the conference last sunday at Regent's Park Mosque? I did - i thought Dr Tariq was really good - i haven't seen him much before, neither have i read his books. But he is really intelligent and practical - i liked what he said, he is very confident in his thinking - i regret that there was an opportunity to ask him questions.

    I wish that Britian had more articulate leaders like Dr Tariq - the majority of our leaders/speakers aren't that articulate - the swiss should be proud of him - i read that Time magazine has placed him in the top 100 most infleuntial speakers of our times.

    Dr Jamal Badawi was very good and engaging with the audience- Ahmad Von something (the german guy) is an intelligent man - but i don't think that public speaker does him any justice at all.

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    I did not attend the conference, but I have listened Tariq Ramadan sermons and yes I agree he is very eloquent. I’m currently reading his book : How to be a European Muslim.

    As for the German Scholar, his name is Ahmed von Denfer.


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      I was at work and could not attend do you guys know where i can get a copy of the audio?


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        Not too sure about the audio/dvd - but will try and find out and let you know - Houda - I was thinking of buying that book - hows it going so far? Perhaps you should do a review in the literature section.

        He was on Sky news on sunday morning at 9am - i didn't get to watch it - apparently after his speech at Regent's - america has now invited him back to go there! and the british media are now loving him! How fickle are these people!


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          So far so good, I've only started reading his book.

          BTW, did you read about Dilpazier Aslam who had his contract with the Guardian terminated simply for being a member of HT.

          I certainly don't have the same views with HT, but I couldn't believe The Guardian, do they ask their Journalists what their political affiliation or ideology is ? Of course not.


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            Houda - I had no idea - poor bloke - your right - equal opp. policy in this country usually means that you cannot sack someone because of their political views - i do hope he has taken legal advice on this - its too important to let go. The Guardian of all papers! I could understand if it was The Sun- but the Guardian - i'm truly shocked on this one.

            InshaAllaah something better will come out of this for him( BTW - i don't really agree with much of what HT preach either)


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