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Who is the boss in Islam? for muslims only

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  • Who is the boss in Islam? for muslims only

    Salam brothers and sisters in Islam

    In many religions you see people having bosses that they like to turn to for confort and help and also for guidance. there is no harm in that as long as the preacher;the helper is sincere but since men are weak and capable of becoming misguided as our prophet may Allah send prayers and peace to said" a believer can turn to a disbeliever over night and via versa". it is very easy to be tempted and commit sins therefore God would never allow such things to happen to those he loves. Allah has built a barrier between the believers and the Jinns and their followers and nothing will EVER harm them in the long term. they may die get killed lose their wealth but to God that is nothing since he has prepared a far better life for his believers in heaven that no eye has seen or a ear has heard of and has sent devils to entertain the one who have been misguided and will die as disbelievers and in the hereafter he has buit a hellfire for them.
    However the door of repentance is always open till doom day. we must help anyone who seek help because everyone is a potential muslim and the door must be wide open for anyone to join the path of God. there is no difference between a black person or a blond except by good deeds.
    In Yasir Qadhi kutba he said

    In our religion, we have no bosses. No one will check, have you prayed today or not. No one will check, have you been a good Muslim today or not. Nobody. Absolutely nobody. Who will do this? You have to do it for yourself. Be an examiner to yourself. As ‘Umar ibn al Khattab used to say, “Take a count of yourself before you will be taken account of.”

    See what you have prepared for tomorrow. How will you respond to Allah? What will you say on the Day of Judgment? And subhanAllah, imagine my dear brothers and sisters, a teacher coming into class the first day, the first day of class, and he will say, “On the board, these will be the questions you will be asked on the final exam. Number one, number two, number three, number four, number five.” The first day of class he comes in and announces, this is your exam. If you pass this exam you pass the class. Is it conceivable that any person of intelligence will fail that class? Is it possible? Of course not.

    Then why is it when we know the five questions on the Day of Judgment, yet the vast majority of mankind will fail them. We know the five questions on the Day of Judgment, Allah - ‘Azza wa Jal - will ask us, he will ask us about our life, what we did with it, our wealth, where did we earn it from, how did we spend it? He will ask us about our knowledge, how much we acted upon it. He will ask us about our health and what we did with it. All of these questions, the Prophet - Sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - has told us this will be your final exam. What more do we want? We know the questions. We KNOW the questions. But we have not prepared for them.

    So Allah reminds us, have taqwa in Allah. Account yourself before you are being taken account of. Examine yourself before it is too late to be examined, and have the taqwa of Allah. Allah repeats it again, “Verily Allah is all aware of what you are doing.”

    Even though you have forgotten and I have forgotten the sins of yesterday, and the day before and the years before, Allah has not forgotten about them. Even though we might forget some good we have done, trivialized that good, but we have done it sincerely for the sake of Allah, Allah will bring it on the Day of Judgment and he will reward us for that good. So never forget that Allah is well aware of all that you do.

    “And do not be like those who forgot about Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta ‘Aala.” Do not be like those who FORGOT Allah. What is the meaning of forgetting Allah? To forget means to not show any concern, to not care. And that is why things that are very important to you, you never forget them. Things that are important to you, you do not forget them. Does anybody forget his name, his date of birth, where he lives? He never forgets this. Where to get his daily food from, he does not forget because it is a matter of life and death for him. Only things which are not that important, that is what you have forgotten.

    Allah says in the Qur’an, He does not say do not reject Allah. No, He says a far more precise term, “Do not be amongst those who FORGOT Allah.” There are many who proclaim to believe in Allah but do not believe in Him. There are many who profess eman, but do not worship Allah. They have forgotten Allah. So Allah says, do not be amongst those who have forgotten Me.

    What happens when you forget about Allah? This is a powerful, a profound verse. Allah caused them to forget themselves. When you forget Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta ‘Aala, you forget yourself. Ponder over that for a moment. When you ignore Allah, you ignore yourself. When you remove Allah from the picture, you remove yourself as well. What is the meaning of this verse? How can you forget yourself or ignore yourself?

    We find that those who have rejected Allah, they are the ones who are the most conscious of themselves in terms of their material lives, their wealth, the wealth that they are hoarding and amassing, the luxuries that they want to live, they are the most conscious, far more conscious than any other Muslims, they have not forgotten themselves.

    But this is not the meaning of forgetting here. Allah is basically stating, that when you forget about Allah, when you ignore Allah, you forget about your purpose of life in the process. You forget why you are here, what you are doing on the face of this earth. When you remove Allah from the picture you do not have a picture. You have no purpose of existence, this is what Allah is referring to. Why are you living when you do not have a God to worship?

    And that is why Allah has described those who worship Allah properly. In the Qur’an he describes them with many descriptions. Of the descriptions is that they have a light. What is the purpose of the light right now? It tells you where you are, it tells you the obstacles, it tells you your purpose, it tells you how to get to that purpose, the closest path. If I had to get to the exit the light would tell me how to get there. Allah describes the believers, they have a light, the purpose of the light, you have a path you have a goal, you know how to get to that goal.

    And Allah describes those who do not worship Him as wandering aimlessly in the dark. What a beautiful description, what a perfect picture. They do not have a goal. Not even not having a goal, they would not even know how to get there if they had one. So they wander around aimlessly, stumbling, falling about, wandering aimlessly following their desires. Everyday they wake up, they have no purpose for life. They are worshipping themselves, because they have rejected a deity worthy of worship. So Allah says, do not be like those who have forgotten Allah because when you forget Allah, you forget yourself.

    “Verily, those are those who have gone astray. Had we revealed this Qur’an to a mountain it would have crumbled and shattered to dust out of a fear of Allah.” Why is Allah telling us this? Allah is reminding us of the effectiveness and the power of this book. That even if we had revealed it to a structure, that is taken to be an icon of stability - rocks, mountains - if they were to recite the Qur’an and believe in it and realize and appreciate its message, they would shatter to dust.


    There is no boss but yourself, to save your skin you need to study your life and be warn that Hell is real and every little sins can mount up to a major one.
    But best of all Allah is most merciful to those who ask for his help.
    Allahoma hdina

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    Originally posted by TheTruth-

    There is no boss but yourself, to save your skin you need to study your life and be warn that Hell is real and every little sins can mount up to a major one.
    But best of all Allah is most merciful to those who ask for his help.
    Allahoma hdina
    this is so for muslims and non muslims alike.
    good advice for all.


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