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Aasalamu´alaykum from Latin America

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  • Aasalamu´alaykum from Latin America

    Hi everybody. My name is Maryam and I am a reverted muslimah (I accepted Islam 13 years ago, Alhamdulillah). I've been in North Africa before and I love it. I think we have so much in common. I´m very happy to be part of this group because Algeria is my favorite country in North Africa. Insh-Allah one day soon I hope I can move permanently there. I speak Spanish which is my native language, English and some French. I live here in Latin America, so I´m a hispanic Muslim Alhamdulillah! Why am I interested about Algeria? Well, when Spain was ruled by Muslims, the ones that flew to North Africa, specially Algeria have a lot in common with the ones who came with Columbus here to Latin America. They were running away from the persecution that was going on in Spain. About my interests: I love reading about history, religion: Islam, and cooking. I loooooove algerian food and I am willing to learn more recipes in this group, Insh-Allah.

    Here you have a sister and I hope I can make long term friends, Insh-Allah.

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    Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah,

    Hola, ya Maryam, welcome to,

    insha'allah you'll find lots of interesting reading here and enjoy your time with us.

    fi aman Allah daeman


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      JazakhAllah Khair


      Gracias for your welcome. I really like the postings I see here. Mash´Allah! it seems to be a nice group.
      Insh-Allah it will continue like this. I don´t speak too much French but I can read, Alhamdulillah.
      If there´s anybody willing to know about how Islam is growing in Latin America, I´ll be more than glad to share it with you as well as conversions stories.
      Your Sis.,


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        Latino Sister

        A late welcome from me

        Wow, What an interesting story you bring to this forum MARYAM-HISPANIC !!

        It is SO heartwarming to 'hear' from people like you whom we would have never had any knowledge of ,had you not bothered to post your more than welcome thread here.

        I'm still new, still learning and discovering new things about this fascinating website, every time I log in.
        For years I have been out of touch with my homeland, due to circumstances, and now I am slowly re-connecting with brothers and sisters as far as Latin America! Ma sha-Allah, I feel like I am being reborn. So, thank you for your contributions and sorry if I sound a bit 'pathetic'.

        I am sure many people would agree with me that it would be very interesting to read anything you say about Islam in your part of the world. You are part of the Umma (= Islamic nation). You are not alone.

        Marhaban again.
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          Any Algerians in the North/South Pole ???


          Are there any of you 'down under', in AUSTRALIA, up there in CANADA, out there in NEW ZEALAND and Allah knows where else, chasing bears or penguins (!!) for all we know? Please, please please join us in this forum and tell us about you and your life wherever you may be. YOU are not alone. We're here!



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            Hola Maryam Hispanic!!
            Bienvenida a este foro, yo tambien soy casi nueva aqui y tambien soy latina, tambien convertida al islam, no tengo mucho tiempo como tu, tendre como 2 años y me falta tanto por aprender, bueno cuakquier cosa aqui estoy, soy Heidi Welcome.


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              Welcome to this site

              what I always said to my Italians who have empire the whole europe
              and to spannish freinds
              and to the frenchies

              that they could go as far as latin america, or asia and africa, impose there language and there religion, but they could (and will never) have never done it at 15 km from there territories, even with the most fire power they could have
              that alone say something about north africa...
              A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
              By: George Bernard Shaw


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