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Oued el kebir near of Oued Berkou, El Milia

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    Humans are also elemental can be classified as externally with a chemical (physical appearance) and internally with 3 chemical elements (muscles, personality, essence of the person), the external element is the easiest: the element that the person seems to be?, looking just the exterior, and then to look at the inner aspect is due to list 3 items in order of importance, one first would represent the most abundant bone structure / muscle, a second slightly less abundant than would the metabolism and other internal aspects of the body, and finally a third element that would not abundant small details of the body, spots, fur, some difference in size between an individual and another finger. 1) first element lutetium: it is somehow tied to the Hoggar in Algeria, but is more suited to the region of Bou Saada, it represents 0.7829963 me, is the overall structure of the body 100% if I seem a Tuareg same, but fluoride has now ... 2) second element fluorine it is connected in some way to London but is located near Ben Nevis in Scotland, represents the color of the skin and some secondary traits then I have no more nose convex, elliptical face, skin a little darker, sloping forehead, is that fluoride is usually quite "right" say represents 0.1444615 me 3) and now finally the third element astatine: it is connected somehow to the south Siberian but it is actually almost there in the Siberian Arctic latitude 66 , astatine reinforces the good traits darker is the hair in spots on the body, finishing the skull, anxiety, represents 0.0725422 me 4) then if you join the 3 elements with these percentages in a fusion mass appears europium that is connected in some way with the eastern border with Tunisia to Algeria, but it is located in ain drahim in tunisia, represents the 3 elements together, my outward appearance is mediation and reactivity 1,2,3,4) and Finally all these elements, all 4 are located in place of the Univerity of São Paulo, wonderful in Brazil where I was born in sampa.


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      What about the climate in Algeria?

      I have seen in google earth some big clouds over algeria in this days, the temperature is also lower, it appears to be more humid then in the past, i have found a book about sahara climate in the begging of the 20 century, i believe it was more dry in the past, as i have seen some big clouds on KSA, it's a new time.


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        Hi algerians, Brazil's capitol before 21 of april of 1960 was in the Rio de Janeiro, you can see photos of Brazilia here Construção do Palácio do Planalto em Brasília - Brasília completa 50 anos and videos here Bras unlike in algeria, in Brazil people cuss the politicians all the time because of corruption, so really it's not a national day, this do not exists here!


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          Hi algeria!

          I have know a teacher that lived in algeria, Carlos Serrano he arrived and lived in Blida in 1963 and leave to Brazil in 1967, he is an ethnic Portuguese and was born in Angola and birth, was in favor of independence of Angola.


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            Hi al-khiyal

            I can understand you, first i will talk about the favelas, the favelas in Brazil was a way of life, a way of poor life, people that first come there was the poor people from Rio de Janeiro in the years between 1902 and 1906 when the "cortiços"(that is urban houses in a poor state) was demolished and the people have gone to the hills of Rio de Janeiro, at the first time people of favelas was a mix of free slaves, the freedom was given in 1888, and poor people, today Brazil is growing much by year, and the world is changing, i am saying to you al-khiyal that in this time islam is changing too much too, china is in africa now, this time near 2012 are clear to be not equal the past, the rain in north africa are not the same was before, i am not saying the world is in the end but it's changing, sorry to say that but if you was dying you will pray for jesus, do you really believe it's saves you?, it's only afraid of a man that have said things that was the thoughts of good in humanity, but if you know about the 10 states of man, you will see that do not exists eternal hell nor paradise, life is this, in death too, see the states:

            1. State of Hell (Jigoku): In writing "The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind Established in the Fifth Period of Five Hundred Years After the Death of the Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin says:" Anger is the state of Hell. "(The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin [MW], vol. 1, p. 52..) This is a condition in which the person, dominated by the impulse of anger, is compelled to destroy and create ruin for themselves and others. In short, this state is represented by the extreme suffering and despair.

            2. State of Hunger (Gaki): It is on the writing: "Greed is the state of hunger." This condition is dominated by selfish desires and boundless wealth, fame and pleasure, which are never really satisfied.

            3. State Animality (Tikusho): This scripture says: "The folly is the state animal." In this state, it follows the strength of desires and instincts, without wisdom to control himself.

            4. State Anger (Shura): "The evil is the state of Iran." Being aware of your own self but being selfish, a person can not understand things as they are exactly and ignores and violates the dignity of others.

            5. State of Tranquility (Nin): In writing "The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind Established in the Fifth Period of Five Hundred Years After the Death of the Buddha" reported: "Serenity is a state of tranquility." This is the state in which if you can temporarily control their own desires and impulses by making use of reason, leading a peaceful life in harmony with the environment and with other people.

            6. State of Happiness (Ten): "Happiness is the world's Joy." It is a condition of contentment and joy felt when the person is freed from suffering or satisfy some desire.

            7. State Erudition (Shomon): The six states, from Hell to Joy, are manifested through impulses or desires, but are fully controlled by the restrictions imposed by the environment and are also extremely vulnerable to unstable conditions. Moreover, the state of Lore is a condition experienced when it strives to achieve a state of contentment and lasting stability through self-reform and development. Concretely, Shomon is the state in which the person is dedicated to creating a better life by learning the ideas, knowledge and experiences of predecessors and contemporaries.

            8. State Absorption (Engaku): This condition is similar to the state of Erudition, since both indicate a commitment to self-reforma4. However, what distinguishes the state of absorption of the state of Lore is that instead of trying to learn the achievements of his predecessors, attempts to learn the path to self-reform through direct observation of phenomena.

            9. State of Bodhisattva (Bosatsu): State of compassion in which a man devotes himself to the happiness of others even if it means making sacrifices. People in the states of Learning and absorption tend to lack compassion, reaching extremes in search of his own perfection. In contrast, a bodhisattva discovers that the path to self-perfection is only in the act of compassion - to save other people's suffering.

            10. Buddhahood (Butsu): This condition is achieved when you get the wisdom to understand the ultimate reality of life itself, the infinite compassion for constantly directing the activities for benevolent purposes, the eternal self and the absolute perfect purity of life which nothing can corrupt . The state of Buddha is the ideal state that can be achieved through Buddhist practice. Since no state of life is static, we can not consider the status of Buddha as an ultimate goal, but rather it is a condition experienced in the depths of his being to engage continuously with grace in daily life. In other words, the state of Buddha appears in daily life and the actions of a bodhisattva - good deeds or acts benevolentes.

            If you get down in your life i say too you: WILL NOT BE A MIRACLE THAT WILL SAVE YOU, NOTHING BUT ONLY THE TIME, BECAUSE THE STATES OF LIFE ARE IN CHANGE, so i believe this, because it's happen, if could exist a god they would save much of the people from war, hunger, diseases, but it doesn't happen, never happened, religions have made good and bad things, but the problem is too believe in a thing that is not true, what will you do when you finally discover that was all a mistake, that jesus was only a natural doctor that heals the hurst of people with wine and olive oil, i say to you is better to make a new religion, that be more real that what exists today, the prophet and jesus was smart people but we have to change and understand it to today.


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              There's probably an ideal medication somewhere that can help you, but we don't stock it here.


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                Lol, dear al-khiyal the world, the thoughts are like a ocean, i know that saying that i am a monster in algeria because do not think the prophet received from god his messages, but i say more, he received by the universe, by the sand of the desert, god is too far to can see us, i have read the Quran, never see there that god heals people, even mohammed, Prophet says that only Jesus healed, if it's true what is the difference?, if you lost your grandmother and your parents, what is the difference to believe in a god that you never had see?, sorry but i don't believe god is a near think, it's not, he is in the seventh heaven, but what a person is in there? nothing, people in there is big like a planet, is near of the core of the great soul, how can we build something with nothing below, i can't believe this, i agree and understand Muslims but they are not so different in their faith of Christians and Jews and other religious.


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                  The world is big, you are small. Deal with it.


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                    hi al-khiyal

                    tell me about syria posture in the iraq war today, syria the land of my father ancestry


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                      inta ma qolish in eium ina heruauirhabiig qui tah uellah abuaiu bel mal uir, la habbib, ut da hair, da mah i kallib kallib there, i kallib kallib there, i kalib kalib there, tan tan tan tan tan , tan tan tan , tan tan tan, (turks singing), uellah aushered bebi, heurrah, habbib kellemid, heua, habbib, habbib can get you well i kalib kalib there i kalib kalib there, i kalib kalib there

                      YouTube - MUSIC IN SAUDI ARABIA - AMR DIAB - ANTA MA QOLTSH LEI


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                        Hi Al-quiou, how are you?, one year that i am in your forum, how is algeria?


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