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    Completely off the topic. WHo are the natives of ALgeria, what language do they speak and what do they look like?


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      Hello Aayesha,

      Here's one U.S. & Canada-based organization that may be able to point you to additional resources in either Australia or North Africa:

      To send them an e-mail, click the "Contact Us" page on their web site.

      You and your children will be in my prayers.


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        Thankyou new_friend


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          Today is 2 years since the girls left Algeria. I was reading my diary to see what I was doing last year this time and I realised I was in Algeria looking for the girls. Life passes so quickly.

          New Friend I contacted Ameco unfortunatley they are unable to help.

          I hope oneday I will come online and someone will tell me they saw mychildren or heard something about them.


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            Dear Aayesha, i am sorry to hear all this. Seek help again at your local authorities, there are groups of parents whose children have been abducted. I think you have tried all you can for sure, but try again to look for such groups. When you operate as a group the government is willing to help in some cases. I know this may sound a bit odd, but keep on trying. I know a family whose children were abducted to Lebanon and now after 12 years they are home in Europe at their mum's place. But that was a hard fght. So keep on trying.

            Family of them will not help you at all.

            Good luck and God's blessings!

            Miss Cheba M.


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              Thanks Miss Cheba you are absuloutely right. I have to keep going and trying. I have realised that even If I contacted someone a year ago and they couldnt help, it dosent mean I shouldnt try the same person again. You just never know when something in their heart may change.
              I just need to take a break sometimes to rejuvenate and strenghthen myself.
              The story of NadiaFawzi really put things into perspective.

              Thank you for for post I really appreciate it.


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