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Hi looking for Aussies in Algeria

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  • Hi looking for Aussies in Algeria

    Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Noor I am Australian and looking to hear from any Australian girls or guys living in Algeria and what their experiences are like. I am wanting to travel to Algeria in 2010 inshallah and would love to make any new friends there. Love site and the discussion Forum is fantastic. Hoping to meet lots of nice people. Salams

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    Good luck !
    (Finding an Aussie in Algeria ... hum .... why don't you try to make friends with Algerians or are you allergic ?)


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      Hi Noor

      Which part of Australia are you from and where in Algeria will you be travelling. I know Algerians in Australia, you could seek advice from.


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        Hi and thanks for the reply's and noooooo i am not allergic to Algerians hahaha. Aayesha i am in north Queensland. And I am still not sure which part of Algeria i want to travel too yet. Still getting information on the places to travel to and what there is to see. My interest in finding Aussies in Algeria is to find out how they adapted to the change anyways thanks again for the replies and look forward to hearing from you all .


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          Dear Noor

          I am fascinated to know why Algeria. Do you speak any of the languages?
          I travelled to Algeria in Jan 09 and then again in July 09. I highly recommend winter , it is absolutely breathtaking. Anything untouched by man is picturesque. The people are very friendly, nothing like I expected. Its funny I was told by Algerians to be careful, but I found them to be very honest and welcoming. With out a doubt to truly experience a country , you must mix with the locals. I hope you find what you are looking for.
          I would love to hear of your experiences when you go.
          Will you be travelling alone?


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            Hi again I have always wanted to travel to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia , Egypt and Scotland. Been to Egypt and now I am wanting to go and adventure around the rest of the places that I would love to visit. I am hoping that I could do Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia in the one big adventure. And I am wanting to go at the end of this year (if possible) or the year after. So right now I am getting all the information I can about these three beautiful places. And yes I want to travel in winter time. Algeria looks fantastic in winter time. I traveled around Australia when I didn't have to worry about the amount of time I was away for. And I am so glad I did. Australia is a very big and beautiful country. But now I am older with young children I can only be away for a certain period of time. OH and No I don't speak any of the languages. But I know French is mostly spoken and one of the languages that is a lot easier for me to learn. But the language is just one of the things that make a holiday a bit more of an adventure. Well for me it is. And the best way to learn a language is to be in the country its from.
            I also agree you have to mix with the locals to get the true feeling of the culture of that country. Even here when I traveled around Australia I went to a lot of places that normal people do not travel too. And met a lot of really nice people. Hoping to do the same in these countries.
            So thanks again for the reply and any information will be greatly appreciated.


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