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Hi!!! New member from Algeria :)

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    Originally posted by New_Friend View Post
    Hello Twilight, and welcome to ""! Your English is very good and you'll do fine here in communicating, as well as in your job search.

    As a former business English coach I used to always encourage my students to do two things to develop their English confidence and skills:

    1) Get a little notebook and fill 2 pages everyday with thoughts, phrases, ideas and insights. Write in English, but don't worry about using complete sentences or paragraphs or about spelling. The pages should be for your own eyes only and they are a place for you to imagine your future English writing capabilities. For example, on a Tuesday, you might imagine you are an investigative reporter writing about some social issue in Algeria that deeply concerns you, and you would like the English speaking world to know about it. On a Friday, you might imagine you and your husband are travelling in Australia, you meet another couple in a coffee shop, and you are able to describe your neighbourhood in Algeria to them.

    2) Develop a "3-minute elevator pitch" about yourself and practice, practice, practice it until you can say it nearly from memory, with a smile and real confidence. An elevator pitch is a brief intro of who you are, what your professional skills are, what you're good at, what your interests are, and what kind of job opportunities you are looking for. Imagine you have a chance to meet 5 business leaders at a dinner and they ask each person at the table to "describe your dream job." What would you say to them (in Arabic? in French? in English?). When you spend time thinking about this and preparing your self-intro, the opportunities to share it will inevitably come your way!

    There are many opportunities available today in the areas of translation, localization and interpreting. Here are few resources to help you get started in your exploration:

    A list of translator and interpreter organizations:
    Translation Organizations

    Resources for searching for jobs in translation:
    Find a Job
    Globalization, Translation & Localization jobs in London, the UK, Europe and Worldwide. - GLT Jobs

    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks a lot New_friend!! and thank you for your advices

    The thing is I never practised English I graduated in 2003 but I worked in different fields where there wasn't English involved

    What helped me truly, was watching movies, news, shows in English although subtitled in Arabic
    I just started days ago to practise your first advice in trying to write some letters to Oprah for example when I notice something in her Show which catches my attention I try to write my opinions or my point of view...

    I'll try to practice your second advice

    Thanks for the links

    Do you know any links to learn Business English (How to write administrative letters, e mails ...etc)

    I'll be I will be grateful

    Originally posted by lillyinlondon View Post
    loool thanks a lot he seems to be happy whatever he gets food wise from me but to be able to give him nice surprises would be nice as well!!
    LOL yes of course it's good enough if you cook for him whatever what
    I personally say to my husband when he begins to criticize or complain about cooking you're lucky I'm cooking for you LOL
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