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    I'm a newbie, but ive been having a little gander at the site for a while now and decided to join yesterday. Some extremely interesting threads lurking on the boards which i will endeavour to add my two cents worth too.

    A bit about me. Im not Algerian...Im Moroccan but i'm from Oujda and have some super-strong ties to Algeria so i think i make the grade to be a member
    I'm British-Moroccan born and raised in blighty...In my early 20's...just

    I think i'll leave it there for now.

    Oh one last thing...I may start squatting in the music section...I love it!!

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    w/salam wa mar7aba, ya bint el maghreb,

    Welcome to, I hope that'll you'll enjoy your time with us.

    No signs of any craziness from you yet... but don't worry, it's not stressful here

    fi aman Allah daeman


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      Bik wahla khoya, barakallahou fik Al-Khiyal [what does your name mean by the way - Khiyal in my necka the woods means shadow...welekin allahu a3lam].

      Crazy... Moi... How very dare you... Im perfectly sane alhamdulilah...Although i do enjoy a heated debate now and again, especially when i know ill win

      So, are there many active members...? Anyone i should be on the BEWARE of...?


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        aloo ya Noona,

        ana min al-3iraq - at home 'khiyal' is one of our words for 'ghost' and as I haunted the site for a short time before joining it, it seemed appropriate enough.

        This site gets thousands of unique visitors each day. The vast majority are 'readers' who have not registered and who don't see a need to, I guess. From their reading patterns I can see that many do not have 'inglizi' - they browse the French-language content only. Because we have multi-language threads, few people are excluded from finding information here.

        Of over 5,300 registered members, perhaps 50% or more have never made a single post in all the years they have been here. So we can forget the word 'active' as far as they are concerned, eh? (But having said that, there is a fact a small squad of 'never posted' characters who drift in regularly).

        Some people come with a single purpose, to ask a question perhaps, and vanish when it is fulfilled. Others may come to spam a link to their own site - such people will always meet a permanent difficulty whenever they try to log in again.

        Outside that batch, there are hundreds who drop in and out, some make a post or two, others are more regular. With a minimum age of 14, I guess most who sign up are adult enough to choose to post or not post if they want. There's no pressure.

        Most readers come for news or information, and much of what is here actually saves people the trouble of asking questions.

        Who should You beware? Nobody. All the really naughty children get banished into the wilderness, and if anyone starts any nonsense, they get to join them.

        There are some very nice people here, stick around and you'll meet them shwaya shwaya.


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