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    Asalamu Alaykum Everyone,

    My name is UmmHaraith i am form Scotland and married to and Algerian Brother and we have 6 children together having our last boy Abu Bakr 3 weeks ago Mashaa Allah TabarakhAllah!

    Hoping to make Hijrah to Algeria soon so this site looks pretty useful and full of great tips, i have been to Algeria a few times and love the country (not to much the culture sorry!) as i find it conflicts to much with Islam, Khayr Inshaa Allah Ta'ala.

    But other than that i am married to a Proud Algerian brother Alhamdulillah.Whom loves his country and if you ask my boys where do they come from make sure it ain't Scotland it's Algeria lol.... Bougerra and Saffy are thier favourite players and where in the Skikda News Paper a few years ago whilst attending their annual footall matches and got thier photos taken with the the skikda players, so you can imagine when the footbal is on in my house , you'd think there was a party going on lol anyhoo! Talk to you all soon.

    Wa Alaykum Asalam.

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    w/salam ya Umm Haraith,

    Welcome to, I hope that you'll enjoy your time with us. As I can 'see' where people are posting from, I understand that you've actually moved some little way from your roots, and as all new ground provides opportunity for new growth insha'allah your journeying to Algeria will give you good experiences and memories.

    fi aman Allah daeman


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