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Looking for new friends, specifically Algerians living in USA

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  • Looking for new friends, specifically Algerians living in USA

    My name is Nawel, I live in Algiers, I'm a masters student. I plan to settle in the U.S. to spend some time. I would like to make new knowledge and learn more about the lives of Algerians in the USA. I am a loyal friend, I want to talk to sincere and cultivated people. In return I could give you news of Algiers, and why not you visit the city during your next visit.
    I apologize for the errors of English, I speak French very well.

    I await your posts

    see you

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    Salam, mar7aba wa bienvenue, ya Nawel,

    Welcome to, I hope that you'll enjoy your time with us.

    Your inglizi is very good, and if you feel more comfortable with French or Arabic, you can post in those languages too.

    I wish you success with your studies and your travel plans.

    fi aman Allah daeman


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      it's great, so I chose a word in Arabic: ta7ya Jazayer fi Kul mkan, nchalah Thursday feswab for the national team.


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        ....wa ma3ak ya el khadra, ma3ak ya Dzair !


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