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  • First time user of Algeria.Com

    Hello Everyone "Marhaba & Sabah Il Kheer" ( Please forgive me if my Arabic greeting is incorrect ).

    'Keek halak " AND Greetings from Australia.

    My name is Bob Davies and I am Scottish but I now live in Melbourne Australia, my hobbies are Football, Surf Fishing, and Golf but I also collect golf club scorecards from around the world and I am trying to be the first person in the world to obtain a golf club scorecard from every country & island that plays golf.

    I currently have golf club scorecards from 232 different countries of the world in my collection but I am now concentrating on all the Arabic speaking countries of the world that play golf, I have scorecards from Egypt, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and many more, but unfortunately I do not have any from your beautiful country of Algeria and I have been trying for a couple of years now to try and obtain a golf club scorecard from the Algiers Golf Club in Dely Ibrahim, and I was wondering if any of you kind people could please help me in my quest to obtain a scorecard from the Algiers Golf Club I am more than willing to pay for any postage or send you a small gift from Australia to show my gratitude.

    I hope that I have not offened anyone by my unusual request I wish you all peace & goodwill.
    "Ma'Asslama & Shukran Gazilan I pray that is also correct

    Bob Davies

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    Welcome/ mar7aba Bob,
    your request is ok and i really hope anyone can help you with this!

    Guys, who of you loves sports a lot and CAN contact someone who can get a specific scorecard for Bob?
    ISA anyone can.

    Meanwhile i hope you have a good time here.

    Good luck!

    miss Chebba M.


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