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New here...from USA...want a connection to the Algerian community

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  • New here...from USA...want a connection to the Algerian community

    Hello all! I live in the US and am very much in love with a man in Algeria. I wanted to join this forum to get a better understanding of his life and the country. Also, I wanted to get some insight from other Algerians of the difficulties you face in getting a Visa for the US. I want to be very understanding and supportive of all of his life, and of the sacrifices he is making to come to me. Additionally, I know what he and I have spoken about and I want to get a general understanding of the Algerian view of Americans and marriages between two different religions. As I am not a strict religious person, I am interested to learn more about the Muslim beliefs as they are practiced in Algeria. Again, we have spoken a lot of these things; however, I want to know more so that I can talk with him with knowledge and insight. I am very glad that there is this forum to talk with others as well as to read posts of people in similar situations. Thanks to all and I hope to learn a lot from this venue.

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    hello there.. i can only give you one advise, should you and your future husband decided to move to algeria, my advise is never live together with his family in a same house, even if he bought a house in Algeria, never ever stay together with his families. the reason i'm saying this, so that you can have a close relationship with your husband families. expecially if you are a foreigner married to a local, you are bound to be alone, so you need their support, advise, friendship and so on.
    i'm myself a foreigner, been staying in algeria for 5 years and 8 months. if u ask me am i happy here, my answer is yes. but if i have good relationship with my husband's families, my life would be much more better.


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