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Salam from South Wales U.K. xx

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  • Salam from South Wales U.K. xx

    Hi, I am a Christain, peaceful, lady from South Wales U.K. my interest and love for Algeria has been inspired through my friendship and love for my habibi who is an Algerian National and lives in your beautiful country. For us In this life it is our hope and dream to be married as husband and wife and live together and share a beautiful life, until this happens and we can be together we explain our life separated from each other as one of our worst pain and toture from our great love and longing to be together, side by side as one, now our heart's are very broken being forced apart.
    My omri hayati habibi has offered me a solution to this for us to have a marriage contract in Tunisia as soon as possible, I have accepted now from my enquiries to Tunisia i think this is going to be very difficult for him because i am told he must stay in Tunisia for 21 days the same as me and on the 21 day we can have the contract of marriage. My love has many responsabilities like very many there as he works for his family and i know for him to be away for 22 maybe 23 days from his work i think will be impossible. I am hoping to make some new friend's if i am accepted here in your community. I pray for this also the answer to allow us to be together.. xxx

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