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Failed algerian arranged marriages

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  • Failed algerian arranged marriages

    The reason for this thread, I have a friend is married to an Algerian woman from Algeria an arranged marriage, before He was nice confident, looking after himself, he was a flayer, successful but since he got married he started to deteriorate slowly, she drove him to the edge,
    It has been now 12 years. He was chocked to find out that she did apply for a British citizenship without his knowledge, Week after she attended the ceremony for the citizenship again without his knowledge, one day he went to work, on his way back he found the house empty, she took his Kidd's and left the house.

    he was gutted, in a shock, he was at the Blink of stopping this world and getting off, he didn't have a clue where she is, and where about his Kidd's are!

    I ve told him to phone the police because its an abduction, but he was more worried about the impact and the stress his Kidd's can go through if he did. After 3 days he received a text message stating that they were ok, during those 3 days he nearly lost his job, he went to hell and back as result.

    I think arrange marriages is like a Russian roulette, its the same as buying a fish in the sea, In Uk if you got new girlfriend or boyfriend you can check them out.

    My advise is to be careful when engaging in an arrange mariage, I am sure this happens more often, but no one talk about it

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