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Confused women, relationship, any advise?

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  • Confused women, relationship, any advise?

    So I'm new here and have registered but waiting to be able to post? Maybe I can now?
    So my dilemma, Ive met a Algerian, Muslim man on a dating web site we talk everyday through the site before I exchanged emails then on to the phone numbers ... He has had 2 long relationships, to British/london woman and lived in London for over 30 yrs moved there when he was young ... Had 2 children with first and raised 3 step children with no other parental help from biological parent, lasted 10 yrs, bad divorce ! Second , 2 more children last about 10 yrs, he left home to Algiers due to losing company and woman.. Stayed 6 months to clear head has been single for 5 To 6 years? Ateast no commitments (but he is a man!) he came to meet me for 2 weeks. Went great till end? (Gemini) I was to return with him and we (he) decided no... I was a bit devastated, but then we started talking about it worked it out, he needed to "re-group" I get that, it's a man thing! So I went 3 months later it was great, a little jekel and Hyde lol lol, gemini "twins" but as every new older couples no with bad baggage memory's it's hard to trust and believe on both ends, and Im a big communicated and outspoken, him not so much. So I have doubts about things ? I did t find out about the other kids till about a month later, thought he would scare me off? Then every visit so far to me , there's a trip to Algiers? To see family, mom and sisters, nieces (2) and 2 nephews? As vacation time for him is over a month in summer.... So what I'm getting at is ... Is there a possible other family? Or a child a family member is taking care of ( while he was there for 6 months? Time and had a child? age seem close?) he does want to move to the states? Papers? Love? I'm unfortunately a damaged woman with major trust and truth issues of men! Which is very hard to deal with and not sabotage a possible great love? I'm looking for sighs I should watch for? We did discus dual citizenship for me? I'm very confused and wonder if any of the woman out there had any advise for me? He is arriving this summer for a month ... See how that goes... Lol lol I just don't think I can handle another heartbreak like I just did of 26 yrs, and this is not a rebound I have been single for 4 yrs.... Husband big liar and cheater for a very long time in our marriage! Also all this info I give about him is what he has told me ? I have met all his children and some friends in London but the young daughter , teenage , not ready , diva, lol lol

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