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Nearly 6,000 immigrants died on the frontiers of Europe since 1988

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    Cadiz, Spain, September 12, 2007 - About 140 undocumented immigrants Wednesday crossed the sea from Africa to Spain, emergency services said. Two boats carrying a total of nearly 90 Moroccans, including some women and children, landed near Cadiz on the southwestern coast.

    Fifty-four migrants arrived on the Canary Island of Tenerife.

    The new arrivals brought the number of immigrants to have reached the Andalusian coast on the mainland to about 200 since Monday.

    Spain has received more than 9,000 undocumented immigrants from Africa this year, including more than 6,000 who arrived on the Canary Islands.

    Immigrants heading for the mainland usually cross the Strait of Gibraltar from Morocco, but a new route now passes from Algeria to the region of Murcia in the southeast.


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      September 13, 2007 -- Spanish border police intercepted 74 would-be Moroccan immigrants on Wednesday (September 12th). The police caught one boat carrying 54 illegal immigrants some 20 miles from Trafalgar Cap, near Cadiz, Spain. A second vessel carrying 20 people was intercepted off the Frontera Conil locality, also near Cadiz. One of the would-be immigrants was hospitalised for hypothermia.


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        September 20, 2007 -- The Spanish government has begun airing emotional television adverts across West Africa as part of its attempts to combat illegal immigration.

        The $1.4m media campaign is to run for six weeks and has begun in Senegal.

        The aim of the campaign is to discourage potential migrants from attempting the dangerous 12-day voyage by boat to the Canary Islands.

        "My son left ... and we haven't heard from him in eight months," a distraught Senegalese woman says in one advert.

        It then cuts to a boy lying face down on the rocks, apparently drowned.

        "You already know how this story ends," continues Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour.

        "Thousands of destroyed families. Don't risk your life for nothing. You are the future of Africa."

        In the past two years Spain has signed co-operation and repatriation agreements with Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea, Mali and Ghana.

        Repatriation, together with tougher policing, including European naval patrols, have led to a sharp fall in arrivals in the Canary Islands this year.

        Between January and August 6,659 Africans landed in the Canaries, a 66% decrease from the same period last year.

        But 2006 was a record year for the immigrant boats, fishing canoes known as cayucos.

        Officials list 31,678 people reaching the Canaries, against 4,767 in 2005.

        An estimated 6,000 died of drowning, thirst or starvation - although no-one has any idea of exactly how many because no tally is kept of the numbers who set out.

        This month, 10 people drowned off Gran Canaria when a boat struck rocks close to shore.

        In July, about 50 people drowned when their boat capsized.

        Spain's Socialist government has encouraged legal migration and foreigners now make up about a tenth of the overall population, but has ruled out any repetition of the 2005 amnesty which allowed some 600,000 illegals to stay.


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          Costa Cálida, September 24, 2007 -- There have been more immigrant arrivals in the Murcia region over Monday and Tuesday, with seven picked up in Cartagena after reaching shore in Cabo Negrete on Monday afternoon. They are reported to be from Algeria.

          Another four, also from Algeria, were picked up in the Calblanque area of Cartagena on Tuesday morning, and there was news later in the day of another boat spotted off Cabo de Palos.

          The patera was adrift when it was found, and was being towed into port by a yacht.

          Speaking in Murcia on Monday, the central government representative for the Region, Ángel González, has meanwhile ruled out recent speculation that a ‘supply ship’ is bringing illegal immigrants close to the Murcia coast for them to continue the remaining distance in pateras.

          González said the migrants are travelling the entire distance in semi-rigid boats, using GPS navigation, and also ruled out that they are being used to take attention away from drug smuggling.


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              Mercredi 26 septembre 2007 -- Dix-huit émigrants clandestins marocains dont l’embarcation à dérivé vers les eaux territoriales algériennes ont été secourus mardi matin par les gardes-côtes algériens au large de Gahazaouet, rapporte Le Quotidien d’Oran.

              Ils étaient partis deux jours auparavant d’une plage de l’est du Maroc à bord d’une embarcation pneumatique de 4 mètres équipée de deux moteurs. Ils voulaient rejoindre clandestinement les côtes espagnoles.

              Mais leur aventure s’est terminée à Ghazaouet. Signalés par un sardinier algérien, les dix-huit clandestins marocains ont été secourus par les gardes-côtes alors que leur embarcation était à la dérive et prenait de l’eau. Ils ont été transférés devant le procureur de la République de la ville de Ghazaouet, selon le journal.

              Samedi dernier, trois corps de « harragas » algériens âgés entre 20 et 32 ans avaient été repêchés dans un état de décomposition avancé par les gardes-côtes algériens au large de Ghazaouet.


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                      Costa Cálida, October 2, 2007 -- A group of eight illegal immigrants were arrested near La Manga Club Urbanisation in Los Belones on Monday after reaching shore on a beach in Cartagena, in the Murcia Region.

                      There also were reports on Tuesday morning of two more boats spotted on another Cartagena beach, with no further information for the moment if any arrests had been made.

                      In neighbouring Almería province, two pateras were intercepted off Níjar in the early hours of Tuesday, carrying 11 immigrants from Algeria and another 13 from Morocco.


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                        Costa Cálida, October 3, 2007 -- Two new SIVE fixed radar are to be installed on the Murcia coast to control drug smuggling and illegal immigration, in addition to the mobile units already in place on the coast.

                        La Verdad gives the new sites as Marina de Cope in the South and San Pedro del Pinatar in the North.

                        The mobile units will continue to operate in the Cartagena area and at another undisclosed site.

                        The news of the measures came from the central government representative for Murcia, Ángel González, on Tuesday, just shortly after eight Moroccan migrants were arrested after reaching land in the Cartagena area. Two others from Algeria were picked up on the MU-320 road in Escombreras.

                        Increased surveillance for neighbouring Alicante province was also announced last month, with four fixed radar to supplement a mobile unit which has been operating there for the past year.


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                            Costa Cálida, October 4, 2007 -- The nine Algerian passengers of an immigrant boat spotted adrift 32 miles off the coast of Cartagena are now safely on shore, after they were rescued in the early hours of Thursday by a cruise ship bound for Italy.

                            The Panamanian boat, the MSC Liria, spotted the small vessel shortly after 1 o’clock on Thursday morning, and transferred the nine men to safety on board the ship, where they remained until the Coastguard arrived to escort them to port in Cartagena.

                            One of the men was admitted to hospital with symptoms of exhaustion, although it’s understood he was discharged around an hour later.


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                              Costa del Sol, October 4, 2007 -- There have been more arrests on the Costa del Sol as part of the police operation in Torremolinos and Benalmádena against an illegal immigration network, which last week saw at least 12 arrests. One was a national police officer.

                              More than twenty police and Civil Guard took part in the swoop on Thursday last week.

                              The three latest arrests reported by Málaga Hoy this Thursday all work in the real estate sector, and are said to be linked to two estate agencies searched in the first phase of the operation.

                              The arrests took place this past weekend, with no news yet on whether they still remain in custody. The newspaper said those arrested in phase one were released with charges on Saturday.

                              The network is believed to have charged large amounts to allow Moroccan migrants to get papers in Spain, although reports indicate that they were all wealthy and had no need to work.


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