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Algerians Arrested In Naples, Italy

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  • Algerians Arrested In Naples, Italy


    (AGI) - Naples, Italy, May 20 - Carabinieri have 10 arrest warrants pending against members of an Algerian terrorist organisation following the enactment of a sentence issued by the Naples appeals court last year. Those charged are Algerian and those arrested include Djamel Lounici, 42, deemed to be the Islamic Front's no. 2 man. The man has already been tried in France where he was twice acquitted on similar charges. Lounici is to serve an 8 year sentence and is the only member of the group of 12, except for Ali' El Heit, to have actually been arrested. The other 10 have gone into hiding. The sentence is the last tier of judgement arising out of a trial that initially featured 22 persons, and which initially ended with conviction charges against 13 of the accused back in 2002; the appeal trial closed last year after two hearings and led to 3-8 year convictions on charges of arms trafficking and forgery, rather than terrorism. (AGI) -

    I swear Algerians probably have the record for the number of countries they have been arrested in. Every country has something against us, and one of our people in captivity. In Canada, the first serial killer is Algerian (his Dad is anyway). In USA, they have Ahmed Ressam AKA The Millenium Bomber, who wanted to blow up LAX Airport. In UK, they have the whole Ricin plot and the one that killed the cop. In France, they have millions LOL. In Spain, they have the group that did the Madrid bombing, their leader is Algerian and there are more in the group. In Norway, they have the guy that tried to kill the pilot with an axe, on a short internal flight on a small plane. Also, their only Guantanamo detainee is Algerian (or was that Sweden). He was the first prisoner to be let out of Guantanamo bay. In Germany, they have the Hamburg cell, that wanted to blow up a church in Strasbourg, etc.................. The list goes on!

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    Italian Police Arrest Al Qaida-Link Algerians

    Italian police arrested at least three Algerians today after they were convicted of providing logistical support to a terrorist group linked to al Qaida, officials said. Authorities issued the arrest warrants after Italy’s highest court upheld the conviction yesterday. According to Naples police, the three were convicted for helping the Salafist Group for Call and Combat, an extremist organisation that aims to overthrow the Algerian government and is believed to have links to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaida network. The three were identified as Djamel Lounici, Ali El-Heit and Moustapha Abbes. Lounici is believed to be a key member of the group. The men were originally arrested following a three-year probe that ended in 1997. They were later released, in line with Italian law, which limits the amount of time suspects can be kept in jail before definitive sentence is issued. Authorities have issued warrants for nine more Algerians, who are still at large. The 12 Algerians were convicted of supplying arms and false documents to the extremist group in 2002, police said, and given sentences of between three and eight years. The Italian cell was linked to similar groups in Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland and Switzerland, which help providing the arms, police said. The Salafist group was added in 2002 to the US State Department’s list of known international terrorist organisations, and Italian police have made several arrests of suspects believed to be linked to the group.


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      Algerians Arrested In Thailand

      UK seeks extradition of Algerian terror suspect

      British authorities will seek the extradition of an Algerian man arrested in Bangkok last week who may be connected to the July 7 London bombings.

      Atamnia Yacine, 33, was detained on Wednesday and faces charges of possessing fake French and Spanish passports and overstaying his visa.

      Pol Maj-Gen Suwat Thamrongsrisakul, Immigration Police chief, said authorities were investigating but there was no evidence to implicate the suspect in the London terrorist attacks.

      Earlier this month, police arrested Mahieddine Daikh, a British national of Algerian descent, and found 452 fake passports in his possession. Pol Maj-Gen Suwat said the two men worked for the same team.


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