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    what do you guys think of the olympics to be held in London - if it happens? Do we really want it and what should it come to London? - what about what happens after they leave- then what?

    Does anyone care? I personally don't want it to come to London - maybe elsewhere in the UK - but not London- its just too overcrowded and the transport is not quite up to standard.

    The Chairman of the 2012 bid - wants all the capital's faith leaders to back the bid - but why? whats it got to do with religion? and besides - the olympics started because of shirk didn't it?

    I know it'll be good for the children etc etc and sports in the general - but take it elsewhere in the UK.

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    i guess its congratulations from me and congratulations from everyone else- i'm still surprised though. I was in sainsburys when they announced it over the speaker.

    Anyone for a round of tennis? LOL


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      2h from PARIS

      Saha Ruks

      how are u doing?

      I read this morning some French Newspapper
      and they annouce that
      "...the Olympic games will take place at 2h from PARIS ;.."

      I would like the game to take place in Paris, but london GOT it and CONGRATULATION.....

      Olympic game of 2016 will take place in Africa probably ALGERIA 2016

      A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
      By: George Bernard Shaw


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        Saha Fortunato - how are you? It's such a british thing to turn everything into - 'French and english' issue LOL - But i guess the best city won- LOL

        Enjoy your day - save me come croissants though! LOL



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