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    Several people have been injured after explosions on the Underground network and a double-decker bus in London. A police spokesman said there were "quite a large number of casualties" at Aldgate Tube Station.

    And Scotland Yard confirmed one of several reports of explosions on buses in the city - in Tavistock Place - but said the cause was not yet known.

    One caller to BBC Five said his friend had seen "the bus ripped open like a can of sardines and bodies everywhere."

    PA also quoted union officials as saying sources had told them there had been at least one explosive device on the Underground.

    British Transport Police Surges took place at Aldgate, Edgware Road, King's Cross, Old Street and Russell Square stations.

    Scotland Yard confirmed they were assisting with a "major incident" and said there were casualties.

    A spokesman said officers were called out to Aldgate station at 8.50am to assist City of London and British Transport Police.

    "All of the emergency services are on scene. There have been some casualties. This has been declared as a major incident," said the spokesman. "It's too early to state what has happened at this stage," he said.

    The National Grid, which supplies power to the Underground, said there had been no problems with its system which could have contributed to the incidents.

    'Screaming and crying'

    Jacqui Head, from BBC News, who had just left King's Cross station on a Piccadilly Line train as an explosion happened, said: "Everything was normal. Suddenly there was a massive bang, the train jolted.

    "There was immediately smoke everywhere and it was hot and everybody panicked. People started screaming and crying."

    The train was kept in the tunnel for 20 minutes and no announcement was made to explain the delay to passengers, she added.

    London Fire Brigade said four crews were at Liverpool Street and more were on their way.

    Another passenger, who had left the Tube at Fenchurch Street Station, and walked to Aldgate East, told BBC Five Live that he saw injured people.

    "As I walked through the bus station I could see people lying on the ground, black, as if they'd been covered in smoke. There were about three or four people on the floor being treated."

    Eyewitness Paul Woloszyn from BBC News, who was at Blackhorse Road station on the Victoria Line, said: "We were told there was a bomb at Liverpool Street station.

    "I was on the Tube, and they stopped the train and told everyone to get off and evacuate the station."

    He said staff had said the entire Tube network had been affected, and leaflets had been handed out with details of alternative bus routes.

    Another eyewitness, Dorothy Molloy, had been on a Tube train at King's Cross and said "staff just chucked everyone out of the station".

    She said staff there had not given any details, but she said two passengers she had spoken to had said they had received messages saying there had been bombs.

    "People didn't really know what was going on, they were just huffing and puffing and saying how annoying it was," she said.

    "People don't seem to be panicked, but there's so many police and ambulances coming into the areas. People are just concerned, and some are just annoyed at the delay."

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    The PM was extremly foolish to mention immediately that a particular community and their relgion isn't to blame - he knew exactly what he was saying and now look at the Muslims being abused on London streets - women having their hijaabs ripped from them etc etc

    Its strange that the blasts were all near hospitals - and the bus incident- how come many survived on the top deck?

    I hope no one here has suffered because of it - imagine i was due to travel on that very bus that day! LOL

    Why is it that our leaders need to come out and defend Islaam - when did the Catholic leaders come out and defend their religion when the IRA kept bombing London?

    London has been bombed serveral times by the IRA - why should it be any different now? Besides - the secret service have said that there are ten main possible groups who could harm the UK - non of them Muslim-named groups - strange indeed that they somehow believe that it's Mulsims straight away.

    Keep safe people.


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      Because whoever was responsible for this should not be allowed to demonise Islam with such wrongful acts.

      Muslims need to engage with the wider public on issues relating to this and we need to let it be known that British Muslims DO NOT condone such acts of violence against innocent anywhere in the world.

      Khutbas should reflect this and should focus on activating Muslims into portraying to the wider world what real Islam teaches.


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        Houda - your right that a religion shouldn't be used as an excuse - but why do people think that Muslim Imams actually preach this kind of stuff in their khutbuhs? I've never come across any imam to say such things- if they did of course the security forces are monitoring them.

        But, its sad that we still live in a society where people think that religions actually teach this stuff - it really does baffle me.

        Did you know that the following week there was a bomb in spain by Eta- are we going to now talk about their religion?

        What about in South America - and the fact that youngsters are trained at the age of 10 for violence - are we going to talk about their religion?

        What about the Tamil Tigers (apparently the security experts rate them the 'best' in the world for suicide attacks)- are we going to blame their religion of course not.

        I mean, the whole investigation into the incident is a joke - they have no evidence, except for the four were seen at a train station- and now they are brining in external suspects - why was the egytian person's details released when he is a suspect at this point?


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          Poors are used by cowards...

          I bet that these poor PAKISTANIS did not know that the "amana" they had to carry from Leeds to London is a "bomb" otherwise how come they did had there ID with them? even informed there mothers where they go and with hom!!!???

          Poors are used by cowards......

          A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.
          By: George Bernard Shaw


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            Salam ~ Ruky~

            This suicide bomber story will keep the press happy for years.

            And we have the forthcoming weeks to look forward to how these men Bin Laden etc... In the US, they will probably have met Saddam as well. On Fox “news” they would have been friends with the september 11th hijackers and any other tenuous link they can use to defame Islam.

            Oh and of course lets not forget the 72 virgins LOL : and the usual “hate us, hate our way of life” rubbish.

            Oh and have you seen that the BNP are already using the picture of the bombed bus on their by-election leaflets for the coming election in Barking. The caption above it simply reads “Is it time to start listening to the BNP?”

            Personally, I think it's about time Muslims started understanding the value of Political and media jihad to defend your faith and to get our youth to channel their anger and frustration into something positive.

            Oh and as for your comment about you taking the number 30 bus, the mere thought isn't worth contemplating. Al~humduillah in all circumstances.

            ~ Ma'Salama


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