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Moroccan woman refuses to pay £80 fine for wearing the burqa

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  • Moroccan woman refuses to pay £80 fine for wearing the burqa

    From the Telegraph

    Woman defies law banning the burqa

    By David Rennie in Brussels
    (Filed: 30/08/2005)

    A Moroccan woman living in a small town in Belgium has single-handedly triggered a national debate on multiculturalism after refusing to obey a municipal injunction to stop wearing a burqa.

    The woman has now prompted politicians in the Dutch-speaking north of Belgium to talk about changing federal law, after she became the first person in Belgium to be fined for wearing the all-enveloping veil and robe.

    She has so far refused to pay the £80 fine, or even to co-operate with police and municipal authorities in the Flemish town of Maaseik.

    The woman's husband was named in a Brussels court yesterday as one of 13 men accused of aiding and abetting terrorists linked to the Madrid train bombings.

    Khalid Bouloudo, 30, a pastry chef, is alleged to be the Belgian co-ordinator of the Groupe Islamique Combattant Marocain, an anti-western organisation linked to the Madrid blasts and the 2003 bombings in Casablanca that killed nearly 50 people.

    The burqa, together with a smaller type of face mask, the niqab, has been banned by bylaw in the cities and towns of Ghent, Antwerp, Sint-Truden, Lebbeke and Maaseik.

    The mayor of Maaseik, Jan Cleemers, said he acted after six women started wearing burqas, alarming locals. Five of the women stopped wearing the garments.

    A police inspector in Maaseik said the head-to-toe covering of Bouloudo's wife, who has refused to speak to police or give her name, offended and alarmed locals.

    "You cannot identify or recognise someone when they're wearing a burqa, especially at night. It's not normal, we don't have that in our culture," he said.

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    Freedom of the west eh?

    What if a woman decides to go out wearing a bikini, will that be banned. Of course not. But if a woman decides to protect her modesty and dignity, oh what did the mayor say? The burqa "...offended and alarmed locals".

    They never ask themselves WHY is this women covered like this. How can they do things like that and ask for integration?



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      Well at least there's a diff between belgium and france. I belgium u pay and buy your freedom


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        theres more here than meets the eye. or in this case, doesnt meet the eye.
        the womans husband is associated with a terrorist ring? id want to see her face at least. take a picture so she can be identified along with everyone else who can be identified. it doesnt help that she doesnt want to give her name. she is hiding something. i think she should be fined for not giving her name.. not wearing a burqua !
        beligium is in europe. not in the west.
        in the west we dont give fines for wearing the burqua.


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          Dizzy - do you not consider europe to be in the West? I'm british am i not in the West?

          I think the comment made by the police that the fact that she wore hijaab - alarmed the locals - is the most amusing thing i've ever heard- how can a long dress alarm the local population? LOLOLOLOL

          Good on her for not giving her name - just because her husband was arrested why should she be arrested so? besides, if they don't know who she is - then how do they know who her husband is-unless she has identified him as her husband-LOLOLOL- europe is a strange place


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