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Algeria set to become legal VoIP pioneer - report

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  • Algeria set to become legal VoIP pioneer - report

    Although the Middle East has largely set its face firmly against the introduction of VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol], two North African countries - Algeria and Egypt - look set to become the pioneers of legalisation. But whereas elsewhere, legal VoIP has not spurred IP network roll-out elsewhere, in Algeria it has been the impetus for new investment in wireless networks, according to a new report published by Balancing Act this month.

    The five North African countries examined in the report - Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia - are the largest internet markets on the continent, with over 7 million individual users. Morocco has over 300,000 DSL broadband subscribers, making it the largest broadband market on the continent. Not surprisingly, Morocco currently has the cheapest DSL connection on the continent, starting at US$22 per month for a 128/64k uncapped broadband connection. A section of the report focuses on how legal VoIP and broadband take-up will drive the adoption of the new generation of IP(Internet-Protocol)-based networks.

    According to one of the report's author's Russell Southwood:"The combination of VoIP and broadband is producing a new business model. This new breed of operators work on hybrid neworks with a large element of wireless delivery, particularly WiMAX. The new operators (or existing operators that are changing themselves) have the following characteristics: entering the market with very competitive prices, giving free calling between all subscribers to the service, offering high calling quality services, and simultaneously offering cheaper access to broadband".

    The impact of legal VoIP on prices has been considerable. The incumbent Algerie Telecom's prices to the USA are currently DA47 (US64 cents) compared with prices from the VoIP operators that vary between DA15-30 (US20-41 cents). More significantly given the size of the Algerian diaspora in France, current fixed line rates are DA34 (US46 cents) compared to DA15-25 (US18-34 cents) from the VoIP operators. A similar range of reductions can be found on mobile phone destinations. Savings can be made on both inbound and outbound calls. One company is offering a pre-paid calling card that gives 60 minutes for DA950 (US$13) and another offers more time for DA1000 (US$14)......


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    Paris June 15, 2006 - Thomson announced that its Cirpack MultiNode-B VoIP switching systems have been deployed by Eepad, Algeria's leading alternative internet service provider, for delivery of a pioneering range of VoIP solutions for both residential and business users. In winning this contract, which marks the first Algerian client for the company's Next Generation Networks activity, Thomson further underpins its intentions to lead in IP devices and solutions.

    Following rapidly on the heels of the deregulation legislation introduced in Algeria this year, Eepad is the first company to introduce VoIP into the country. Algeria is a market where the prices of analogue telephony are traditionally high and the savings offered by IP telephony are expected by many to boost the uptake of broadband subscribers. EEPAD is using Thomson's Cirpack VoIP switches to offer a full range of quality features including primary line service for consumers and IP Centrex solutions for business users.

    Bruno Fabre, Vice President, Telecoms Business Unit, Thomson commented "This project constitutes a major announcement for Thomson as Eepad we will be the first operator to offer managed-VoIP services in Algeria in a strategy to deliver primary line services with the features, quality and reliability of legacy PSTN lines. IP telephony is on the verge of becoming a mainstream service in Middle-East and Africa and we believe our Cirpack softswitches and gateways could be soon leading these markets as they already do in many European countries".

    Eepad's president, Nouar Harzallah continued "We have reached the final phase of our deployment of a national DSL/softswitch network for delivering feature-rich broadband access throughout the country. We are launching a range of packaged internet and telephony services under the name of "ASSILA" and by this summer we will be activating our IP Centrex service which means that businesses will have no further need for analogue lines or PABX systems. We chose Thomson's Cirpack VoIP platform for this important project because of its extensive VoIP features and IP Centrex capabilities which will give us a real competitive edge in this rapidly growing market."

    Thomson selected by Eepad for introduction of first VoIP rollout in Algeria


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      Algerian VOIP

      Great steps to make sure technology in environment.


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