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  • grow your business online project long term

    Hello guys i'm gonna show you a very great site new open 57 days ago and 95000 members already!
    this site make you to win 1===> 200$/day (maybe more ) it depend on the sales volume of each day.
    So it's a ptc site ! advertising and publishing (hybrid programm).
    there is 11 levels on this site : level 11 is the last one extra points (200 to 400$/day... )

    Points level system.

    Point Level 1 ........ 800 to 4.5k
    Point Level 2 ........ 4.5k to 10.5k
    Point Level 3 ........ 10.5k to 22.5k
    Point Level 4 ........ 22.5k to 45k
    Point Level 5 ........ 45k to 82.5k
    Point Level 6 ........ 82.5k to 165k
    Point Level 7 ........ 165k to 330k
    Point Level 8 ........ 330k to 660k
    Point Level 9 ........ 660k to 1.35m
    Point Level 10 ........ 1.35m to 2.7m
    Point Level 11 ....... 2.7m to 7.5m

    1/ 1$ purchased gives you 1500 points ! it's awesome and 1500 points gives you back 1,50$ earning +bonuses and points for free of evry day <3.(for exemple you invest 1000$ you get you go to level 10 direcly because it gives you 1,5m points etc...)

    2/ You need 800 points (level1)to start earning, so for those of you who are new & haven't put money in you must continue to click every day to get your points.

    remember : you will receive 120 points (10*12)for free evry day ti click it's awesome !

    3/ option: you will receive bonuses evry day for free the bonuses gives you sometimes points sometimes cash directly.

    4/Value ads come in at specific times in the day shown in your Value ads box

    5/ You can use any payment processor, but you can only withdraw from the one you have purchased the highest amount with.

    6/ When you purchase you get 1500 points per $1 bundle ad & when you earn $1 you lose 1000 points, so each bundle ad that you purchase gives you $1.5 potential earnings

    7/ Withdrawals are manual for security reasons & can take 1-3 days

    8/ Try not to withdraw small amounts, it damages your business & there is no need because BeeJay(admin) is very well respected in this industry

    9 /Make certain to upload a photo to your site, you cannot withdraw without it. This is also a precaution

    10/ Get into the habit of reading the pinned post every day & also visit the Forum onsite for information

    this is the site : Where Is The Advertising That Affects Your Life & Business?

    payments method : paypal ,payza ,pm ,stp ,egopay

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