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    What is is like? Does it attack Islam blatantly? Does it attack Islam at all?

    I ask because of an article I read a few years ago that I came across again.
    Monday, 7 October, 2002

    The Reverend Jerry Falwell, a leading member of the Southern Baptist Convention, said in a US television interview that Mohammed was a violent man and a man of war.

    "This insult to the holy Prophet Mohammed by a Christian priest is part of a propaganda war by the US mass media and the Zionists," Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi said.

    Mr Falwell has also been denounced by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Muslim groups in the US who urged mainstream American leaders not to remain silent.

    The interview with Mr Falwell was shown on CBS television's "60 Minutes" programme.


    Jerry Falwell
    "I think Mohammed was a terrorist. I read both Muslims and non-Muslims (to decide) he was a violent man, a man of war," Mr Falwell said.

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    I don’t believe that there is any propaganda, in any form.
    This is of course my opinion, and the opinion of honest contributors in this forum.

    Most of what is said usually is misquoted or taken out of context. People are free to express their opinion; this is the essence of democracy.

    Of course I understand same way as the nice people who are working had to ensure that this forum is sane in it content and image, as it must reflect reality.

    So as I said, free speech, but people need to know that there are limits not to cross, as it was the case of the “disgraced” British revisionist, David Irvin, who went to the point questioning the still painful Holocaust.

    You have to understand there is free speech but there isn’t free peach.


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      I believe in restricted speech. That as you say there are certain issues that either should not be spoken about or should only be spoken about in the correct form.

      This bring us to the whole issue of democracy, I personaly dont believe in democracy as a correct system of rule. I think that a ruler should rule and whilst council is very important and the voice of the people should be respected the ultimate decision should be left to the leader.

      There should of course be a system of scrutiny and option to remove the leaders powers should he/she deviate from morality. Then the question arrises as to where do we derive morality and my simple answer would be from the Holy Qur'an.

      When I talk of restricted speech and ellected dictatorship please dont picture the Algerian press and Saddam Hussein. I mean that issues that are not in the public interest such as sex should not be discussed openly. This would be purely because in my opinion it is not productive to the grwth and well being of a society if lude pictures are printed and made readilly availlable to children. I also feel it counterproductive if topics are discussed that certain quarters of society couls not understand.

      Such subjects should be limited to those up and coming circles that can comprehend and issue. For example the Palestinian and Israeli situation may be counterproducive if discussed in depth infront of youths as they are yound and may well draw the wrong kind of emotions and think with passion rather than sense.

      In terms of rulers, I believe that a person of the highest caliber should be appointed and he should be the decision maker. In making his decisions it is perfectly plausible for council to be taken and in fact mandatory.

      The problem with rule is that in the West and so called 'Democracy' the basis of a ruler getting into power is lying. To become a modern leader you must have spinsters and Max Cliffords and bring out details embarassing to the opposition. Its all very fake in the realest sence of the word.


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        Definitely need to look up the word sarcasm...
        Or has Amino been hijacked by jewish/british/american extremists


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          Yes, it heartens one to know that he has so much time to focus on his attitude to posting on a discussion board.



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            I think he has made a very positive step and should be supported.


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              You believe it if you like Elhenni. I think I'll need a bit more convincing than a couple of "Oh well I'll delete my sig and make a sarcastic point about point about not offending people every time I post" entries.



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                Im a believer in 2nd chances. Still making my mind up about 3rd chances though


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                  You'll undoubtedly get the chance to come to a decision about that



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                    Propaganda is what media are about


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