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    Iraq civil war likely - Arab journalist


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      Gunmen kill five Shi'ites in Latifiyah


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        rumsfeld has denied them but was proved wrong .

        YOu can google this : Iraqi Clerics in the pentagon Payroll , interesting isnt it ???

        [60:8] GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable.

        [60:9] GOD enjoins you only from befriending those who fight you because of religion, evict you from your homes, and band together with others to banish you. You shall not befriend them. Those who befriend them are the transgressors


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          Ted Koppel in 'New York Times' - Iraq for U.S. is 'about the oil'

          Germany admits its spies helped US in Iraq war

          Fear of informants has stoked climate of fear in Baghdad

          Shi'ite militia, insurgents clash in Baghdad

          Curfews fail to prevent Baghdad Sunni mosque attacks

          Ten imams murdered in Iraq as sectarian killings intensify

          Iraq's most influential Shiite leader calls for Shiite-Sunni unity, condemns killings

          The New York Times declared on its website early Friday in a headline that the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, had warned to U.S.that Iraq was on the "precipice of full-scale civil war." Within an hour and without explanation, the Times yanked the headline in favor of "U.S. envoy says sectarian violence threatens Iraq's future."

          “The number of Iraqi army battalions judged by their American trainers to be capable of fighting the insurgency without U.S. help has slipped from one to none since September, Pentagon officials said Friday.”

          The threat of a large-scale civil war in Iraq is imminent, reports Middle East correspondent Martin Chulov….

          Gates of hell are open

          "Everything that is going on between Sunni and Shi’ites, the troublemaker in the middle is America."


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            The visit of Donald Rumsfeld to Algiers a week ago shows that the Pentagon has turned the commonly-understood "Algerian model" on its head. Responding to the Iraqi insurgency against foreign occupation since 2003, various commentators including past official national security advisors Richard Clarke and Zbigniew Brzezinski appropriately pointed to Algeria's national liberation war (1954-62) to clarify the dynamics at hand in Iraq. As brilliantly portrayed in the film, "The Battle of Algiers," massive indiscriminate arrests, "disappearances," and torture against an occupied population geometrically increase local rage, serving as excellent recruiting appeals for direct anti-colonial resistance.

            By now, awareness of this dynamic in Iraq is commonplace in explaining continuing and increasing violent response to foreign occupation and to successive regimes dominated by American power. Despite temporary supposed "turning point" repressive successes by the occupier (as the French achieved for a period in Algiers), the longer-range momentum of growing alienation and activism among the colonized as well as antiwar resistance in the colonial country leads lmost inevitably to defeat of the occupation project. By this model, eventual expulsion of U.S. and British troops from Iraq seems assured.

            Yet deep internal divisions and some access to political power by major Iraqi blocs have prevented to date a united Iraqi resistance coalition. Thus, for now, the Algerian national liberation analogy has broken down, though the willingness of an elected Shi'ite-dominated Iraqi regime to allow continuing American military bases and control of Iraqi oil is far from proven.

            Meanwhile, the Pentagon has pushed an alternative Algerian model to the fore. Despite common accord that the "Battle of Algiers" film emphasized the doom of colonial counter-insurgency, the Pentagon showed the movie internally in 2003 apparently to train officers in the dreadful logic and tactics of French paratrooper repression. And now, the present failure in Iraq of the film's national liberation model no doubt attracts Pentagon policymakers to a new expanded Algerian model as well....

            The Pentagon's Algeria


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              Neocon and ex-CIA operative William F. Buckley Jr. on the 'failure' of the U.S. mission in Iraq:

              [/b]It didn’t work[/b]

              Behold William F. Buckley, excuse maker. “One can’t doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed,” Buckley begins, stating what some of us knew six months before the invasion (neocons are slow learners). “Our mission has failed because Iraqi animosities have proved uncontainable by an invading army of 130,000 Americans,” continues the former CIA agent. “The great human reserves that call for civil life haven’t proved strong enough. No doubt they are latently there, but they have not been able to contend against the ice men who move about in the shadows with bombs and grenades and pistols.”

              In other words, for Buckley and no doubt many of his neocon fellows, the Iraqis are incapable of “civil life,” never mind the underpinnings of such a life were systematically shock and awed to smithereens. As is often documented here, the “ice men” work for the Pentagon, the CIA, and the British SAS. Others are criminals taking advantage of a terrible situation. Bill is unable to admit all of this because he believes, or expects us to believe, the Pentagon failed its “mission.”

              Of course, the Pentagon did not fail its mission. Its mission was to destroy Iraq and that is precisely what it did. Now it will attempt to destroy Iran, although that will be a tough nut to crack....

              Bill Buckley’s crocodile tears


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                Baghdad curfew extended


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                    Iraq’s leading clerics call for calm

                    Gunmen attack house of Sunni cleric in Iraq

                    Gunmen kill 12 members of Shi'ite family in Iraq

                    Car bomb explodes in Shiite holy city of Karbala, dozens killed or injured

                    Latest reports on the market bombing in Karbala cite 8 dead

                    Dozens are killed as curfew fails

                    Traffic banned in Baghdad, suburbs

                    Several parties to the Iraq imbroglio stand to benefit from the bombing of the Shi'ite Golden Mosque, and fingers are being pointed at all the usual suspects. More important than who planted the explosives is the fact that Shi'ites have seized on the attack to justify striking at Sunnis…..

                    Payback time in Iraq

                    Sunnis may return to government talks


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                      Learning from others

                      The improvised explosive device or roadside bomb is the biggest nightmare for US forces in Iraq - accounting for more than half of all US injuries and deaths in combat since March 2003. Just when the Americans find a way to counter it, the insurgents find a new way to deliver a deadly blast...

                      The Iraq war's defining weapon – The IED

                      B'Tselem's investigation indicates that the roads subject to the regime may be classified into three categories based on the severity of the restrictions on Palestinian travel on these roads: completely prohibited, partially prohibited, and restricted use roads.

                      · Completely prohibited roads - The first category consists of roads for the exclusive use of Israeli citizens...

                      · Partially prohibited roads - The second category includes roads on which Palestinians are allowed to travel only if they have special permits issued by the Civil Administration...

                      · Restricted use roads - The third category includes roads on which Palestinian vehicles are allowed to travel without a special permit, but access to the roads is restricted by concrete blocks and other obstacles...

                      The forbidden roads regime has forced West Bank Palestinians to use long and winding routes rather than roads that lead directly from one town or district to another. Travel on these alternate roads disrupts all aspects of daily life in the West Bank, in such areas as the economy, health, and education, and gravely affects social and family life. In addition, Palestinians suffer the insult and humiliation that are part and parcel of the measures used by Israeli security forces to enforce the discriminatory road regime.

                      Forbidden roads: The discriminatory West Bank road regime


                      The Defense Department is considering a new, low-tech approach to countering roadside bombs that are the scourge of U.S. forces in Iraq -- construct new roads for supply convoys that simply bypass densely populated, high-threat areas.

                      The Army is seeking $167 million in military construction funds as part of the Pentagon's soon-to-be detailed $65.3 billion supplemental spending request for fiscal year 2006 to pave roads capable of supporting two-way traffic, complete with shoulders, drainage structures and interchanges to connect with existing supply routes, according to a draft version of the request.

                      Rather than trying to defeat improvised explosive devices (IEDs) head-on with new technologies and tactics, the Defense Department is looking to reduce risk to convoys by charting routes around danger zones...

                      U.S. DoD plans new roads to avoid Iraqi IEDs


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                        Iraqi Government warns of 'endless civil war'


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                          The bombing of a revered Shiite shrine which sparked a wave of violence in Iraq was the work of specialists, Construction Minister Jassem Mohammed Jaafar said Friday, adding that the placing of the explosives must have taken at least 12 hours.

                          "According to initial reports, the bombing was technically well conceived and could only have been carried out by specialists," the minister told Iraqia state television.

                          Jaafar, who toured the devastated thousand-year-old shrine on Thursday a day after the bombing which brought down its golden dome, said "holes were dug into the mausoleum's four main pillars and packed with explosives."

                          "Then the charges were connected together and linked to another charge placed just under the dome. The wires were then linked to a detonator which was triggered at a distance," the minister added.

                          To drill into the pillars would have taken at least four hours per pillar, he also estimated…..

                          Iraq shrine bombing was specialist job: minister


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                            Iraq's death squads - On the brink of civil war

                            ...Finally it was Mr Dulaimi’s turn. He walked slowly into the mortuary with his brother and a nephew, looking down at the long line of corpses. He stopped abruptly. Though he had feared the worst, nothing had prepared him for the sight of his dead son’s face. “Tortured!” he cried as he turned to his weeping cousin. “How can one imagine? They have pulled out his eye and teeth...”

                            'The cheapest thing in Iraq is a human life'

                            Iraqis tortured by government death squads

                            Bombs and clashes as Iraq government warns of "civil war"

                            Bodies of 14 policemen killed near mosque found

                            Iraq extends curfew until Monday

                            Curfews fail to stop deadly violence in Iraq

                            Bus bomb kills four in Hilla

                            The head of Al-Azhar University, Sunni Islam's highest seat of learning, said he was ready to travel to Baghdad to help quell the wave of communal violence convulsing Iraq.

                            Sheikh Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi said yesterday he was willing "to meet his Sunni and Shiite Iraqi brothers to help them reconcile." He added, "We call on our brothers in Iraq, in the names of the Islamic institutions in Egypt, and of Islam, to make a united front and to stand on the side of those who build and not those who destroy..."

                            Egyptian Sunni leader offers to help end violence in Iraq


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                              Only in America

                              As hundreds die, as millions live in the shadow of death, as lives are being torn apart and fear grips the Iraqi people, Fox TV spins the ‘good news’ angle so beloved of ignorant Americans and tells its viewers to look for the 'upside':

                              Only on Fox: "All-out civil war in Iraq: Could it be a good thing?"


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                                In a region long insulated from the rampant unrest in Iraq, relations between British forces and local leaders have deteriorated sharply in recent weeks as violence has escalated in and around this southeastern city, military commanders and residents said....

                                An end to the soft sell by the British in Basra: Rising violence damages relations with locals

                                Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr returned to Iraq on Sunday, cutting short a regional tour following the bombing of a holy Shiite shrine that triggered a deadly wave of sectarian violence, aides said.

                                Al-Sadr arrived in the southern Iraqi province of Basra from neighboring Iran, said Amer al-Husseini at al-Sadr's Baghdad office....

                                Radical Shiite cleric returns to Iraq

                                Blast heard near Shi'ite shrine in Iraq's Basra

                                There are reports of casualties.


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