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Who profits from war?

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  • Who profits from war?

    The Pentagon has forbidden U.S. soldiers from buying their own body armor, a type that is superior to that officially issued by the U.S. military. A big Repubican donor owns major stock in the company that holds a sole supplier contract for all body armor sold to the Pentagon. Such a story wouldn't be complete without the usual twist of American hypocrisy - top U.S. military officers are using the superior armor that the rank and file are no longer allowed to purchase.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. troops aren't even getting enough of the 'officially approved' armor,0,3815019.story?coll=ny-region-apconnecticut

    Why the delay? Why, because someone wants to make more money, that's why. That seems to be more important than dead American soldiers. A recent secret Pentagon study into a sample of U.S. Marine deaths in Iraq revealed that 80% of the dead could have been saved by better body armor:

    It seems that U.S. military and political figures care as little about their own people as they do about the people of Iraq.

    Once again, follow the money.

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