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Whats the best news sites???

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  • Whats the best news sites???

    I notice that many members get their info from different places with varying slants and expertise. I was wondering if anyone would like to share any decent news sites or specialist sites about politics etc...

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    thanks allot


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      A useful site for retrieving news about Algeria is here:

      Its search engine crawls over 21,000 news sources every 5 minutes and anything relating to Algeria that is found is added to the list. The sources themselves are very diverse.

      By using the search function in the box at the top-left you can keep track of events in any country you like.

      Another useful link for news is this one:

      Select your region and country and then look for newspapers, magazines, radio etc.

      This site is a good aggregator of news items with an American emphasis:

      A useful site run by a guy who detests Bush, the articles are not generated by him, he simply selects news items that often fail to appear in the U.S. media:

      Another 'compilation' news site:

      What does the world have to say about the U.S.?

      Al Bawaba is OK for keeping an eye on the Arab world, just choose a country from the list at the top, but it isn't too analytical:

      Knight Ridder is an American news agency that has a streak of integrity and independence:

      Asia Times online is a good source, with excellent articles and analysis:

      It's a good post you have made ya El Henni, if there is interest I can provide hundreds of useful media links, English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish et cetera, as well as links to political blogs. A 'library' would be useful, sa7?


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        Dar-al-hayat (Arabic)

        Dar-al-hayat (English)


        asharq alawaat (Arabic)

        asharq alawsat (English) - Iraqi source Iraq conflict, updated daily


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            Not strictly a news site, but it frequently does carry news articles along with essays and other articles relating to art, literature, politics, religion, science and much else. Some of the pieces have quite a conservative slant but there's no harm in seeing how others see things, eh?

   Arts and Letters Daily


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     Juan Cole's 'Informed Comment' - Thoughts on the Middle East, History, and Religion.

              Daily analysis from a U.S.-based academic who has spent some time in the Arab world.


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                Thanks allot. Does anyone one know of any reall;y good concise articles on the Israeli wall and the new withdrawal. Also on the political future of the Israel???


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                  DZ blog articles:



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                    "Journal d’un algérien installé à Paris pour le meilleur et pour le pire …"



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                      A leftist take on American politics and media that frequently provides video clips of news shows, politicians and government mouthpieces tying themselves in knots on camera et cetera:



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                        'The Economist' carries a broad range of articles and is not a bad source of news and analysis. Its online edition is, however, a subscription site. But there are no problems, only solutions, sa7?

                        How to get something for nothing is an old challenge - here is how to get something for nothing up until April 8th 2006:

                        For full access to the online edition of 'The Economist' go to

                        Type in [email protected] as your e-mail, and type in 123456 as your password. And you're in and wandering around like a proper grown-up.

                        That account expires on April 8th so you have a couple of months free reading to decide whether or not you'd be interested in continuing to use the source.

                        The current edition has articles on the fallout from the Danish cartoon furore and 'political Islam', as well as much else.

                        Browse on.


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                          Daily coverage of events in Iraq:

                          Today in Iraq

                          The site is unashamedly opposed to the attack on Iraq, its founder is an ex-member of the U.S. military.


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                            El Henni

                            I check these Sites Daily

                            Al Jazeera comes first of course then the BBC online , the Indepedent and the guardian (buy both papers too) I also check Le Monde and Haaretz . for arabic News I trust no other than

                            Abelbari atwan is my favourite .
                            I also check is it great . and Juancole site and this one , sometimes it has good stories

                            Sometimes i also check Algerian and moroccan sites just to get an idea what is happening locally too.

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