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The world is sick and tired of Bush!!!

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  • The world is sick and tired of Bush!!!

    Now he has decided to dicted to the Palesinian people who should be their leader..! This guy is bad news ! First his election was a bogus. He braught a curse and bad luck to the American people! How can they accept to be governed by a donkey ? Everytime he opens his mouth he embarrass them ! He is runing wild and it is high time for the world to tell him to get lost..! Why don t he mind his own business..! What with ENRON scandal that he is involved in? He is planning to bombared Irak next fall..! How dare you? CHICHE!!!

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    So do u think Al Gore would have been better...or Mr. Clinton ...or Bush the father...or Mr. Regan... are criticizing America's president...what about the rest of the jokers around the one president, king, or Emperor. That you respect in the last 20 years....

    Have a nice day...


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      proud to be an american?

      I am an American but I can't for a moment hesitate criticizing Bush's foreign policy. if he bombs Iraq, this country is in for some big trouble. Bush seems more or less set on being a "wartime" president than actually promoting peace. War with Iraq will only set Muslim nations against this country. it's a pity to be represented by such a fool.


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        i love bush

        he's is a great guy and a hard worker


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          Re: so

          What do you think jet & Co. that we should maybe invent non natural resource fueled tanks and planes? Take up solar power and ride bicycles? Lancelot on a bicycle- ok...Harleys..use less resources till we weaned off fuel-....No solar powered planes though -I ain't into falling thousands of feet because of lack of sun...get rid of these oil and gas problems for good? ...and they keep crushing countries over this.....getting hit with rotten tomatoes when you visit foreign countries is the least of one's problems....
          You know why they don't though? Cuz Saddam etc. wouldn't give up his tanks so .....maybe that explains it implement bicycles after you get rid of tyrants who'll cheat...

          To pre-empt our buds here...nope I didn't smoke anything dears not a dot...really I didn'! Just trying to daydream beyond the nasty stuff that is.....


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            Wow RedKahina:

            I haven't read this thread before, but now in late April 03, it's after fact. Wow, we Americans are making an investment in Iraquis and Afgans, lets see how worth of it they are. Time will tell. We might get something from Afgans but Iraquis I doubt it. Not with 60% fanatic Shiites sick.
            I wonder when ALgerians will be worth such an investment?
            Is that why Lamari is shoping for nuke, to get Washington's attention?

            These wars have nothing to do with Bush or Gore. The American life is divine contrarily to other places, and an agression has come here and he just ansered it (good job), as to Saddam, he sought a fight he lost it. Signed an agreement to reverse path right there on the battle field to POWELL and SCWARTSKIF, tyhey drew him a line. He failed to abide with his promises so the war has never ended people! The same goes for North Korea by the way - There is no agreement signed. Let them keep threatening and they will be answered on time, so people around the globe you can sleep on your 2 ears, yeah Yankees and the unwanted immigrants are doing the job for you all.

            Irish, The Enron is a legacy of Clinton-Gore 8 years. Bush did but find it and show it to the world, at a high expense to our economy, but hey he is bound by law and ETHICS to reveal it publically. One has to wonder where is the USSR arsenal and what other bankers Germans and French have built in ALgeria and other places where people starved and humiliated. No law in effect, and that UN thing what a joke!
            You blame Bush for respecting the LAW? wow... It's 200 million free peoples law.


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