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    I went to both demo's and I'm really dissapointed. The platform that we had was not used effectively against so many issues and to name just a few are the rape, and sexual humiliation of our brothers and sisters at Abu Gharaib, Bagram, and elsewhere under tyrannical so-called muslim regimes, the dehumanisation of refugees in Chechnya, the political and religious oppression of Muslims in China & Central Asia and other Muslims living under occupation, the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the glorification of terror act, the acts of aggression committed by the West, the hypocrisy of the UN, the poverty our brothers and sisters endure across the world, and esp in Africa

    Yvonne Ridley made a comment and nothing else was said. Muslims need to wake up a bit, we need to defend the honour of our Prophet {SAW}, but within reason and bound, there is no point blowing a cartoon out of proportion - if we are going to do that, lets protest every day, against Charles Moore who said the Prophet {SAW} was a pedophile, against Nick Griffin and others.

    We need to raise legitimate concerns, and rally the support of the non Muslims in the British society, some of whom are equally troubled over the issues raised above.


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